Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"So much so soon". Before London

Tomm I'm going to London. Oh, yeah! Can't wait for it. I have not traveled for very long time and feel really stucked in Mumbai. I already started to miss airplanes:-) In Mumbai it's really hot and it is going to be more hoter in may and june and than rain season, what a scary picture. LOL. But I dont have any plans, in my life i should not plan anything cuz things just happens and u never know what will be tomm or maybe who..........or maybe i will just fly somewhere to the Moon. I have just seen video of my friend with 50 cent. It was really cool and I miss Caribbeans. 50 cent must be really rocking over there. Sometimes its really funny, cuz i think i would not know its 50 cent unless he tells me. And my the way it's my fav band. And Akon also. But they look quite similar I guess..................yes... whatever. I have something much much more exciting............I am going to London tomm and I just can't wait for departure of my flight. For now I was in London just once and it was interesting, at least I felt that i'm going to be here again with something really big :-)))) Life is really great and I am in love with it. Sometimes we might forget it, how beautiful it is...........sometimes we really dont think of it, but we should..........i really think we should do it more often.
I would love to go for holidays in Tibet. I still have never been in Tibet. Thats really weird. "7 years in Tibet" with Brad Pitt was really good by the way. Ofcuz i dont plan to stay there for so long but couple of weeks would be nice, I believe there are couple of things that I still have to learn and discover about myself. Maybe i will find Shambala.
Something is changing in me. Somehow such things come to my mind what normally never happens and never happened before. It's funny, cute and in same time it might be ridicules or it might be beautiful. I don't know. But i really think alot about something when I never do. Maybe.........maybe i am in love? or maybe it's inspiration? If it's inspiration than why I did not think and feel like that before? it's not about feelings even, just couple of my wishes changed what I have never expected.
Today is going to be busy day.
I will be in London just few days but i am really looking forward.
Peace and Harmony to all

Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Wonderland

Hi folks. Welcome to my blog.

I was always bad with starting something and actually still I am. I really don't know how to start and how to write 'welcome note". "The first" is something what i never can do in a right way. I have so many thoughts in my head and so many different things, its really a mess. So I think it's better just to say "Welcome to Wonderland". Sometimes it's better to say less than to say too much..........but only sometimes.

Lots of people were telling me that i should write blogs and finally i deceided to share my "wonderland". So here we go. Speciallt for this I had to create email on gmail.com and it took me really long time to choose a name. It was even funny but i think it should be serious, I mean whenever u choose something for very long or long time you should be really serious about it and be confident in 100%. It's also midnight at the moment and I really have to go to sleep as tomm going to be busy.

Welcome to Wonderland once again

Peace and Harmony to all