Monday, November 7, 2011

New film "On the ramp" and few daily days....Eid Mubarak?

Hi folks
I am doing on more film in India and it's Bollywood movie called "On the ramp". Directed by Imran Khalid and my co-stars are Ranvir Shorey and Urvashi Sharma. I am playing fashion designer and feel really excited about it. Wonder why? xoxoxoxxoxo. It was my childhood dream to be a fashion designer and I was always fascinated towards it but destiny took me into another direction. So here I am now to be fashion designer in a movie:-) The movie should by released in feb or something like that. So, thats the news.

Also, recently went for a new restaurant lounge opening in Mumbai, called Le Monde. It's in Juhu opposite Penne restaurant. Le Monde is really lovely place with yummy italian continental cuisine and interesting design. It belongs to my friends and in particular to a good friend of mine Swaraj Kapoor (putting our pic from event). It was really nice evening and it was nice to catch up with Swaraj and Yuvraj Singh as well. From Le Monde I had to rush to another event and it was 1st look of my upcoming film Jal. We had a big get together in Sun and Sand hotel in Juhu. Good for me these two places are very closed to each other, so timing was good. Finally I saw all Jal's promos and I liked it. Loved it. And it was great to know that everybody loved it as well. I think my movie "On the ramp" will be released before Jal but Jal is like my first project and I literally put more than my heart into it. Sonu Nigam did amazing song "Jal de", it's a promo as well and it gives very massive effect. Loved it. I adore Sonu Nigam and was nice to meet him in personal finally after such a long time of working on a same movie. He is such a wonderful and adorable person.

What else is happening in my life? As always many things. Sometimes I just wonder what is more happening and more exciting prof life or private life? xoxoxoxoxo. Sometimes I have a feeling that actually the movie is my normal daily life and whenever I am on set thats the life. LOL. If somebody ever run out of scripts, guys, please come to me, I have so much to say and my life is like big dramatic TV serial. :-)

As I always say the most important thing in life is experience, its about feeling the present moment and living in it. It really doesn't matter what you do or what you achieve or what other people thing. It's all about what you feel and how you feel. When we die it doesn't matter how much money you earned or fame and all such stuff, but it matters what you experienced and what person you was. It's all about soul.

It looks like in Mumbai most of people are obsessed with fame and being known and many girls think that they will meet some big producer or director and for various silly reasons he will made her a star. It's silly and naive. It's not that easy and simple. Anyway, I don't want to get into that topic right now cuz i will write about it separately later one.

It's Eid right now and I can say Eid Mubarak to all muslims. But as well what truly makes me sad is that there are so many sheep who r getting killed. I know it's probably sound stupid. But my heart breaks when I hear one day before all that sound "beeee beeee beee" that sheep makes near my building ( I live in area where there are a lot of them before Eid). And I see so many of them and next day they are all dad for a holiday and you can see blood on the road. And than people say "Eid Mubarak". It's sad, guys. Seriously. I probably would never think about and I don't care if you are veg or non-veg. Personally I am vegetarian but thats not the point. It's just pretty sad to see all this picture of little insecure animals one day and next day no more sound cuz they r are dead and blood on the road. I hope I will not get critized for writing this but it's from my heart. I don't judge any religion and thats not the point. It's not about a religion at all. Please all get me right over here. It's about what I feel as it's my personal blog. I am sorry but I don't actually feel like saying Eid Mubarak cuz I just remember all this animals what I saw few days ago and now their blood and etc. It's just sad for me. Please note that I don't say anything about muslims or religion, it's just my personal experience of what I feel. Just wonder how a man can hit and kill innocent animal.....thats it.

As you all know I am hindu by religion and thats i guess the reason for me being vegetarian and follow the life style I do. I am absolutely cool with anyone but killing innocent animals just really made me sad. When you don't see its cool, but when it's like near your building.

Anyway..........good people always counts.

Love you all
Saidah Jules