Monday, January 25, 2010

Crazy January

Hi folks
January was bad. First of all I fall down, clipped and broke toe on my foot. For 2 weeks I was in bed, it was so boring.............crazy. One my friends really helped alot with staying, was watching TV, eating pencakes, chapatis, dal, pasta, chips and my fav M&M's. LOL. Pencakes were really nice, fattening but yummy. Akshay Kumar (indian famous actor) eats same ones I guess as my friend and Akshay have same cook. Amazing cook. I defenately will hire him as well if I ever move to Juhu. Today I went to doctor and finally no more plaster. It was really terriably for this 2 weeks. Anyway there are lots o small bad stuff what happened in january, but also many things changed in me. In this 2 weeks I could see who actually cares about me and who doesnt. Was quite surprised, but whatever happens happens for good, right? SO now all is good.

Also I had photoshoot with Gaurhav Sethi. I am still waiting for pictures and it takes so long. Oh God, why people are so slow. Its like almost 3 weeks now. But shoot was good, i am sure it will be awesome pix. Behind the scenes came brilliant. Everybody likes my dark dark brown hairs. LOL. I like it too. Media came as well, and they were filming from top and made some stupid videos like Saidah Jules "uncersored" shoot and its all about boobs, boobs, boobs. When I saw it in internet I almost got heart attack, LOL, but it was truly funny. I think one day sex tape will also be uploaded, lol. Good I never did it in past, or by now one of my ex bfs would get angry and upload it. But I can sleep well cuz i never did it and actually I suggest never to make sex videos. It can be dangerous in future. LOL. Never.

I am looking forward for next days. I read one book now "The Game" by Neil Strauss. It's some stupid stuff actually but it cought me, I am reading it every day. It inspires and reminds......... I think soon my time to discover new places and new cities will come. Lots of work coming as well, I lost alot in this 2 weeks of bedtime stories.

Also recently somebody sent me very bful sms, I dont know who, it was jsut number, want to share with u guys "We find excuses for not doing things because of imperfect facilities.....but....where there is a will, there is always a way...."
So, if u want something in ur life than do it now. Right now. There is no tommorrow or later, there is only NOW, only NOW.

Love and peace to all
Saidah Jules

P.S. I also joined youtube. check out my channel

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Hi folks

First of all I want to wish everyone Happy new year 2010. I hope u had a great party and whole 2010 will be rocking.

I had very nice celebration. I had to be in Mumbai and deceided to meet 2010 in my favourite hotel JW Mariotte in Juhu. It was truly amazing party, I love food in Mariotte and had a blast......sushi, maki and defenately lots of sweets. You cant miss them on New year's eve :-))))) Few journalists sported me as well and it was fun:-) I really had amazing was no options.

2009 was beautiful and not. Every year good and bad things happens. We loose, we gain. In 2009 I met really wonderful people who came into my life but also I lost few people whom I really loved. It always happens.....we loose....we get. Nobody can change it. It were people who hurt me and it were people who made me smile. But when New year comes I think we should always look forward for new things, for better things and to do what we have not done, to create what we have not created yet. In 2009 my career was going into that direction what I wanted and my proffessional life was good and it is good. And in private unfortunately it were people who had to leave......i will always remember them and they will belong to 2009. It were few friends who cheated and it just were people who really hurt.

I believe that whole new year depends on how u celebrate it so I made it a habit and tradition to celebrate it in a great way. This year was truly great. Thanx... And it's already started in a good way. I believe this year will be good and I will make it good. Life is beautiful but it's our duty to decorate it right.......if something goes we can do nothing about it but we can take care of what we have.

I wish everybody always to remember what you have and to take care of it. Its very easy to loose, but its much more harder to keep and cherish what you have. I wish you to respect and love life and people aroud.

Happy New Year 2010

Make it rock and shine

Love to all

Saidah Jules