Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happiness, Love and Kama Sutra

Hi folks

Life have been really beautiful inside of me for quite sometime now. My movie shoot is complete and also yesterday I was shooting pictures with Vikram Bawa "black and whites". It was inspiring and wonderful, he managed to get my real smiles and laugh in pictures what normally never happens. xoxoxoxo. It's wonderful to connect with people who truly love and in love with what they are doing. It inspires me and it teaches me alot. I have a big respect for it.

It's out of the blue but i have been thinking what is the most precious thing at my home and what's the most special I have? And i feel that it's one painting what is probably the most memorable and special thing to me. It was a gift from somebody whom is very closed to me and whom I admire and whom I love. It's the most beautiful and i am thankful to that person to gift me that feelings what I have and that harmony what I feel.

Life is so unpredictable and predictable in a same time. It looks but we also can predict if we know how. I really want to visit Tibet this year and to discover what I want to discover. I want to "feel" India again and I want to explore more places in it. I hope my best friends will have time to do it with me.

There are many things what are happening in my mind currently. There are so many things I plan to expirience workwise. I think showbiz is not only one thing what I want and can do and I'm inspired for so many.

This post is not about kama sutra actually but i called it "Happiness, Love and Kama Sutra" cuz I'm happy inside of me and I feel that harmony what i always wanted to feel, I have love in my heart and it's great. I have not read kama sutra, but yesterday I saw a book "Kama Sutra by Deepak Chopra". I did not have time to read it, but I could read few of this statements and quotes and I was impressed, I was really impressed how much he was writing about the feeling of love and tenderness, it was really beautiful explanations of feelings. I think many people (who probably doesn't have proper IQ level and who is not so educated) think that Kama Sutra is all about sex and sex positions, but it's absolutely not like that. It's about feeling of love. Especially i really liked views of Deepak Chopra in that his book. Will defenately read now.

I wish everybody to live in peace and harmony with their heart and soul.

Life is for living

Love to all


P.S. I don't say this common phrase "God bless" cuz I believe you should deserve blessings by urself.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cultural day - 'Shakespeare in love"

Hi folks

Today i had cultural day and it was really nice. Today I went to Prithvi Theatre in Juhu in Mumbai to watch a play with a friend of mine. It was my first time of going to theatre in India, for many years i actually even didnt know it exists here. I can't say that play was really interesting, but it's always interesting and beautiful to see performance and feel that artistic mood, stage. I love live performance and was really happy to have such expirienc ien Mumbai. Unfortunately theatre is small and probably cuz it's not so "on demand" in India and Mumbai as it's in London for example and Moscow. Now i defenately will go there often and I am glad to have such friends who likes it too.
I think all parties and fun are good and I love it too, but educated people also need "food for brains" and cultural programms. I think it's very limited when a person thinks only about going out and work. There are so many beautiful things in the world, there are so many to discover, to learn, to see, to expirience and etc. And i seriously wish everybody to keep discovering it and not to limit themselves from "food for brains".



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To make a change

...There are so many people in the world and everybody has a reason to live, to be here. But in general there are two ways.....there are people who just lives and there are people who can and who makes a change in this world, who makes this world better. Most of people wants money, fame and etc etc etc, of cause it's all important things like everybody needs house, car, money and all material things 'cuz we live in material world actually. But when you already have it all, when you already have money and everything, what's than? Will you be happy? Of cause not 'cuz happyness is something what you have inside and what can be born inside of heart or soul only. Money is comfort and satisfaction, but its not feelings inside. No matter what person does, how much money he has and how famous he is, absolutely all people in the world have same feelings and same heart. Absolutely everybody are same and different in same (sorry) time. The difference is what energy you are giving to others and what your intentions are and feelings. Everybody can see sea and go for a walk on the beach, but feelings will be different and it depends only on your innerworld and heart. It's only one difference what people have actually.

I don't want just to live and enjoy life in a wrong meaning of it. You can enjoy life when your heart, soul and brains are in total harmony with each other and when whole innerworld are in peace and harmony. That's one kind of happiness and it's life when you can feel it and your heart, soul and brains "thinking" and "feeling" in same direction. I don't want just to live and think about my life and not to bother about other. I live in society and I live in this world and I am part of it, I want to make a change, I want people to respect me for what I do and I want to be proud of all my doings. I want to be a good human being and I belive that I am. I want to make this world better and I want people to see more happiness around that they see. I wish this to all people in the world.

To be a good person is the most important and beautiful thing. It's not just about good actions or to give money to poor people. It's not about that. It's when you know inside of you that whatever you do is right and you feel for it, when you heart lives in harmony with brains and you don't have to worry about anything 'cuz you know that you are doing right, when you can make a change in somebody's life, when you simple can make other person smile, when you can see tears of happiness. When you can feel light inside of you and when you can give it to others. It really doesnt matter how many times people go to temple. God is not in temple, he is everywhere, he is in every breath, he is in every peace of the world. He will never count how many times people go to temple. it's even so ridicules for me to meet such people, who actually really bad people in life and who treats others badly and without respect but they do pooja and think that everything is finesince they did it. It's so show off and ridicules. Why God will care about pooja (pray)? I really feel like telling to them that they should actually cut down with all poojas and concentrate more on the world around them and I say it. God is not selfish and he is not an icon, he doesn't need love only for himself, he wants people to love the world and be good to others. It what matters I think.

Sometimes when I go to village or small town in India and spend time with people over there and talk to them, i really can see happiness in their eyes, especially children. And ofcause life is quite poor over there. Happiness is only about feelings and innerworld that we create inside us. It's about beauty of the world what is always here but we don't see it always because we don't want to see it or pretend to be busy.

I wish everybody to be a better human beings that they are and to make a change even in one person's life.

I dont want tomorrow to be better than today, I want today to be as best and beautiful as tomorrow.

Love and harmony to all,


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Most beautiful thing


Few days back i had very interesting and spiritual conversation with one of my friends, he gave me such ideas what actually never came to my mind before. What is the most interesting thing in this world? For this question can be so many answers but if you really focus your mind on it than u will find only one. It's life. The most beautiful thing in this world is life itself. And it's so beautiful and amazing to watch it grow and how everything is born. Sun rises every morning and whole city life stars with it. Plants grow and flowers bloom. But the most interesting creation is a humanbeing. A child. It's just so unbelivable. Mixture of "man and woman", actually just 2 small little things "get together" and than something happens, its just so tiny that we cant even see it...........and it grows and grows.........and than it's a baby, child and it grows and grows and than its big person actually. It's really unbeliveble how nature created certain things. It's so magical and so weird in same time that from "nothing" actually whole person comes out. And even they look different. All babies look same like clones and than they are changing and changing and changing and growing like a plant with a flowers. I don't understand how it works but i find it interesting. If you put a small plant in a ground than whole palm tree can grow, like from nothing. Why nature deceided exactly like this? It's weird in one way and in another way it's like a message to the world, like a reminder about beauty what we can't explain...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lucky photoshoot

Hi folks
I want to share with you my favourite photoshoot. It was quite recently and it was for Skoda car. But what really matters to me is that it was with photographer Vikram Bawa. It was my first photoshoot with him and this picture is like first baby:-) It's special and really memorable. I was dreaming to shoot with Vikram Bawa for long time and finally it happened. I was reading his interviews when i used to live in Delhi many years ago and since that time i wanted to shoot with him. Finally it happened and also it happened in a very special time of my life.

It's one of my favourite pictures and this picture is really very special to me.

Life is sunshine



Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just update

Hi folks

Now i am back in Mumbai, 2 days in London were really great. Sometimes in life such trips happen that change ur life or change the way u think and feel. It was exactly that case. LOL. This my trip to London changed a lot in me and in such way what i really did not expect. For now I don't feel like to write anything. Just i am back home in Mumbai, cooking lunch and thinking of relaxing sunday. Lots of things to do....

What I really understood that magic really happens sometimes, we just should always believe in it.