Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happiness, Love and Kama Sutra

Hi folks

Life have been really beautiful inside of me for quite sometime now. My movie shoot is complete and also yesterday I was shooting pictures with Vikram Bawa "black and whites". It was inspiring and wonderful, he managed to get my real smiles and laugh in pictures what normally never happens. xoxoxoxo. It's wonderful to connect with people who truly love and in love with what they are doing. It inspires me and it teaches me alot. I have a big respect for it.

It's out of the blue but i have been thinking what is the most precious thing at my home and what's the most special I have? And i feel that it's one painting what is probably the most memorable and special thing to me. It was a gift from somebody whom is very closed to me and whom I admire and whom I love. It's the most beautiful and i am thankful to that person to gift me that feelings what I have and that harmony what I feel.

Life is so unpredictable and predictable in a same time. It looks but we also can predict if we know how. I really want to visit Tibet this year and to discover what I want to discover. I want to "feel" India again and I want to explore more places in it. I hope my best friends will have time to do it with me.

There are many things what are happening in my mind currently. There are so many things I plan to expirience workwise. I think showbiz is not only one thing what I want and can do and I'm inspired for so many.

This post is not about kama sutra actually but i called it "Happiness, Love and Kama Sutra" cuz I'm happy inside of me and I feel that harmony what i always wanted to feel, I have love in my heart and it's great. I have not read kama sutra, but yesterday I saw a book "Kama Sutra by Deepak Chopra". I did not have time to read it, but I could read few of this statements and quotes and I was impressed, I was really impressed how much he was writing about the feeling of love and tenderness, it was really beautiful explanations of feelings. I think many people (who probably doesn't have proper IQ level and who is not so educated) think that Kama Sutra is all about sex and sex positions, but it's absolutely not like that. It's about feeling of love. Especially i really liked views of Deepak Chopra in that his book. Will defenately read now.

I wish everybody to live in peace and harmony with their heart and soul.

Life is for living

Love to all


P.S. I don't say this common phrase "God bless" cuz I believe you should deserve blessings by urself.

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