Friday, August 20, 2010

August in Mumbai

Hi folks
I believe you are fine. I am actually not...not really. I am in Mumbai and it's raining like hell and I just hate it. I hate rains and everything wet and due to high humidity it gets just crazy over here. even it sucks I would say. I would love to leave at present but I can't. I have certain duties and work what keeps me here. But I truly hate rains. Some incident happen yesterday what gonna keep me away from chinese food forever I guess. I went out for dinner with a friend of mine in chinese restaurant "aromas of china" or something. Food is nice over there but as everywhere in chinese food they put something what called MG or something, whatever i dont remember proper name. So, i don't feel well after that. It's some sort of chemical or sodium. whatever, I just really don't know the name. So after having food my friend told me that this "MG" actually they make of human's bones. oops.........."Good i already eat" - I thought. I felt bad cuz still even when i ask not to put anything in food in India they still do it. Even after you say million times in most of cases they will still do the way they think and not as a customer asks. Can you all imagine that u r eating chinese food and something what made of human's bones are there as well. Yackkkkkk..............all my appetite had gone. In fact I like chinese and some of their items are really nice but I guess from now on I am not gonna visit chinese restaurant for long. LOL.
Got amazing haircut yesterday. Good Christian is back in town.
Also i'm busy with some stupid organisation work what you always have to do in India on ur own.
I wanted and want to open NGO for education in orphanages. I'm serious about it. I met couple of people whom I wanted to do it with me. We were discussing a lot and agreed for many things and after meeting they just don't pick up my calls anymore. Than why he said "yes"? I just always wonder why people in here do like that, that they meet u, discuss and make plan (regarding company n work) and than he just doesn't pick up ur call after and desapear? why? is it difficult just to say "Sorry, Saidah, but im not interested in doing this". And what was more dissapointing that there are many people like that and law system in India is not ready to support me. Sad.........Really sad that when you want to do something for the country that nobody is willing to help and apart of that will even try that this will not happen. Had lots of bad expirience in this subject lately.
As I'm back in Mumbai now joined my normal life here as well. Went for Binga water launch yesterday. Met page 3 crowd. Didn't stay for long due to my busy shedule but was nice to meet my old friend.
I'm sorry for grammar mistakes. I am typing fast and in a rush right now so it happens. Sorry about that.
Also there are lots of amazing proffessional opportunities at the moment. Thinking that it's another stage of my life is going to start.
At the moment I feel very disturb about NGO and system what is not supportive. And I feel sad about it. I am not indian but being true hindu I always tried a did a lot and especially now when I have the power for NGO and want to do it I came to know how unsupportive all indian system is for those who are not indian and especially it's really depressive when you meet people for doing something good for the country, they promise and than just disapear. And I talk about serious people, not some jerks. So, i found out that a person can do serious business and talk a lot but in reality it will be just some "bullshit talker". Still I believe that I will make it happen one day and will help as much as I can.
I'm really sorry for all grammar mistakes and etc.
Work is good but I don't want to write about proff things at present. Just there is big surprise what's gonna happen. As at present all my thoughts about NGO.

Always remember that when there is an end for something there is a start for something again and when God closes the door he is opening a window ;-)

Love to all
Saidah Jules