Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jal is going to Busan Film Festival #love

Hi folks
The best way to start a new post is to start with news.
My beloved film Jal is selected for Busan Film Festival in South Korea. It's the biggest film festival of Asia and of cause I do feel proud and happy about it.

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Our director Girish Malik has done a really great job. I feel proud that I have done a movie with film as an actress. His vision and the way how he "sees" a movie is fantastic. And apart of it it was the film where I really worked hard as you can imagine how the life in desert can be. It was tough for all of us I guess. And finally we have world premier in South Korea. Thats amazing.

As of now I think I won't be writing more. Let some more news come :-)

It will be a lot of critics to judge the movie, to judge me and everybody else. Who probably have not done much but they will assume they know it all. So to all those people I can say that it doesn't matter to me who thinks what or who did what and what the response will be. For me "Jal" is not a movie, it was a time frame that I lived in and whole our film crew. It was life in a desert and experience I have gone throw. And this experience and story we are sharing with the audience. Some people will like it and some won't, some will relate to it and some won't.

I am extremely excited about Busan Film Festival. As I said Jal is not a movie to me, it's something I gave all my feelings at that point of time. The way how Girish and me met in London, how we sign and how he believed and how it changed my destiny and made me come back to India ... the country I love the most.

I will be always thankful to Girish Malik that he happened to be...

Saidah Jules