Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The end of 2010

Hi folks
It's a changing time of whole my life. It's the end of one big period and the beginning of a new one. Totally new and different. I call it "time of butterfly". I feel pretty sad 'cuz its something big what has to die but there is something else what is going to be born.

Tonight i am leaving for celebrating New Year in homely atmosphere with my relatives in Moscow. I am very excited about Moscow and snow. Russia is such a great country what gave to the world such people like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Nabokov, Stravinsky, Chaikovsky, Rerih, Pushkin and etc etc etc. I can't name all of them but when I think of art I am proud that I have russian blood in me. Russians feel very deeply and they just give it all to everything. I love it about them and probably I have it in me as well. But still my nationality is world gypsy and I truly am. Nobody knows where I was yesterday, today I am in India and nobody knows where I am going to be tomorrow. Life is a journey. It's a game and it just flows. Nothing matters. Nothing has a value. Nothing is forever. Everything is illusion. Only soul belongs to eternity and love. Nothing else. I am excited about snow in Moscow...

I think 2010 was the the most difficult year for me. I thought the most difficult was 2005 but I would rate 2010 even more. I am very happy it's over...almost over. It's like huge period of 5 years is getting over and I am leaving everything behind me. It's not me anymore. It's something new. The best thing what happened in 2010 are people who came into my life. I met different people, some were losers, some just came and went, some were great and they will stay. I feel blessed and thankful to certain people. For all my happiness and for everything I do and have opportunity to do I can say "thank you". I am thankful to God that He is and more I am thankful to all that people who made and makes my dreams come true and live life I have. I just apreciate it. It's like stars what shine upon me and I know that my life has light, harmony and balance.

Sometimes people tell me that it's not right to be so open as I am I guess but I think it is right. I am the way I am and I dont have any reasons to hide anything or to put a mask and pretend to be somebody who I am not. Just what for? I am proud to be the way I am and what I am. I dont want to hide it and I have no reasons to pretend. The most important thing in life is to be balanced inside of u and to share divine light with the world. It doesnt matter what others think of u, it matters what u think about urself and how it feels. I am proud to be myself, I am glad that I can forgive and let it go, I don't keep grades and I can just let it go.

I will always be myself and true to the world around me. I always was and probably thats the reason for my life today. I think whatever success I reached so far it was only cuz I am the way I am and I am going to be like that. If I am happy I will shout about it, If i am depressed that probably something dramatic will be coming out of me. If you like it good, if not than I just don't give a damn about it cuz its just me.

Oops.....now its time to go to the airport..........Abu Dhabi.........

I really love you people.........hi to facebook. LOL

will write from Moscow
Love to all
Saidah Jules

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My birthday

"Old me had gone and I feel a brand new"
Hi folks
November had passed and I am still alive :-))) It's quite a good sign I believe. Probably I am more stronger than I thought. It's good.
I went to Delhi recently and it was quite a good trip in terms of meetings new people and mood. I don't think there is any point to write more about it but Delhi was a good trip. I went to my fav Birla Temple. Just overall it was very spiritual trip and it connected me to my early years and teenager's time a lot. I do travel to Delhi once in a while but exactly this time I connected to my past more deeply than before and I loved it. It really inspired me for many things in future. It's a good feeling to love your past. I went to Lotus Temple what also has a certain and very special meaning to me. I am not old (LOL) but I had all that nostalgia kind of a feeling.

My birthday has just past. it was on 17th. Celebration was few days but I would not actually call it a party as I did not plan anything. It was 3 days. First one was really fucked up. As I was writing before i dont like to use bad language but it was really fucked up. In fact it was even terrible. Small things do matters. To all people. PLEASE. Always remember that small things do matter. In my case all that small things were pretty .... so it distroyed a lot and left many things in past. Second day was good. In fact my first cake happened on a second day and two others on third. Second day was really nice. I loved it. And third as well. What I probably appreciated the most is that one person ordered cake for me in advance and it was exactly the way I like ( without chocolate and actually it was xmas pudding kind of a thing, but I loved it). Than also I went for dinner with friends. I was quite surprised with all that huge amount of calls, sms and mails I have got. I think my phone just didn't stop ringing. But it was nice. Really. Few people really surprised me that they called and it was a good surprise :-)))
Actually thanx to everyone for making my birthday to happen in a beautiful way. Thanx.

But probably in life it's always like that that everything have good and bad or maybe I am overemotional. When so many people calling and writing.....you will always know who did not. And I think the most sad part of my birthday was that it was only one person who did not call me or did not even sms. I just was pretty upset about it as that person quite a part of my life. Probably people are so busy sometimes that they can't sms. It's just very private to me.

I feel like a new year started for me. I feel so different. I promised to myself to be a better person than I was. For sure. there are so many changes what has to be done. There are people who totally gone from my life for good and there are people who came in. It's always important to make right choices. "It's always important to send flowers in a right time as well. " I was not in a mood of celebrating anything. In fact I don't even feel it. I just feel different, like a new me and different world. Probably I am just going to be happy soon that year 2010 is getting over. I am really happy that 2010 is getting over soon. It was lots of good things what happened to me and I met really amazing and talanted people in 2010 but it was also other things what will never happen in my life again and I am happy about it.

But i am still happy with the way I am and I am glad that I can just write everything I feel like over here. Probably i am a bit pissed off at the moment.....so I better go to sleep.

Love to all.....

P.S. I just recently read amazing stuff and it was such quote over there "Art is the only way to run away without leaving". I found it to be amazing and beautiful. But I found another way as well. It's a game. By playing you can run away as well....without actually leaving.... ( that's a thought without explanation ;-) )

P.P.S. I am just looking at one painting right now....it was one of the most important and special gifts I have ever got I think. It's basically so simple but I never thought I will feel for it so much. I guess it was 2008

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Goa Film Festival '10

hi folks
It became my habit to start with "it's been awhile" LOL.
So.....it have been quite awhile since my last one.....

So....Goa Film festival was amazing. I just felt great and loved it.

At the end of November I was in Goa for Film bazaar 2010. My next movie "Jal" was presented over there. We are going to shoot next year. Girish Malik is a total genius. Love working with him. He is someone in indian film industry who really impressed me with his way of creating a story and creative process. Also he was the one who didn't flirt with me. LOL. Don't get me wrong. there is nothing wrong in flirting but when everybody flirt around and than you meet a person who doesn't it looks different. It feels different and it also inspires you for soemthing different. Respect!!! It was nice to meet Ayushmann Khurana and somehow we spent quite a lot of time by talking and discussing different interesting topics. I don't really feel like writing at present all my experience but in few words can say that now I know what sufi music is. It was a cocktail party "Sufi music". I was thinking about my best friend in UK who is following sufism. Also I had quite long conversation with Vivek Agnihotri and found him to be very deep and interesting human being. Also I met many more people but I can't write about everyone. Fatih Akin....After all our night life experience and casino we went to watch 'Soul kitchen" by Fatih Akin. He is famous german movie director (but basically he is turkish). Me and Girish had a nap....LOL. Movie was nice but it was not that healthy to go to sleep at 5 a.m. and get up by 9 a.m. :-) In the evening I met Fatih in person and he is pretty cool. He has such casual style no matter where he goes. I think it's something totally opposite of Bollywood but in Europe it means creativity I guess. Probably I was blessed to meet all intelligent people in Goa this time. On a serious note, whoever happened to talk to me was intelligent and it was very nice and productive conversation indeed. Totally loved it !!! TOTALLY!!!

My birthday is coming soon and there are no plans at all. I don't want to make media party or invite guests. I just want something nice and quite. Something very private and personal. Something beautiful. For new year no plans as well. I was thinking of going to Las Vegas and New York but all this plans got totally fucked. Sorry for my language but there is no other word I can express what I mean. In fact I don't think it's something wrong actually to say like that. If it really got fucked how else I can say? whatever......

I am extremely tired of people who talk much much much more than they do. I am tired of stupid lies what my logical mind can't explain. I want to put all my energy into creative process and work. Now it's holidays time so I will have to wait for a bit probably.....

Also I discovered how amazing tweeter is. It can just connect people from completely different countries and in a very weird way. World is so small in fact and life is so unpredictable. Sometimes I think "Alice in Wonderland" was about me :-)

I went to watch Narnia in 3D. I don't think it's actually a difference if you watch Narnia in 3D or not 3D but movie was amazing. I love all such fairy tales and adventures. I would love to act some kind of fairy one day.... Amazing film....but all that impolite crowd what was siting next to me eating popcorn and using mobile phones kind of spoiled my happy mood.

For today I feel like going and chilling out by the sea.

Could write more but i should go........

Love to all
Saidah Jules

P.S. Facebook should join tweeter.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 2010

Hi folks
I was quiet for awhile and will remain quiet for a little more. There are lot of amazing things what happened to me after I got back from London and in general I hate this month. I hate this november. My work is great and great meetings are happening but I don't want to write at present. I just hate this month and it hurts me too.

Also i am working on my book "In search of God".

But still it is a beautiful day.

Love to all
Saidah Jules

P.S. i upload this picture of Lord Ganesh cuz i just feel like this

Sunday, October 10, 2010

London so far...musicals

Hi folks
Sitting in Starbucks with caramel latte and thinking "life is beautiful". LOL. I was lucky with the weather so far. London is very interesting and happening. Recently I went for 2 musicals, "Les Miserables" and "The phantom of the opera". What i can say? just no words.....both of them (especially "Phantom of the opera") left me speechless cuz it was soooooo mind blowing. Probably I admire musicals the most as I never could take part in them myself and would never do:-) as i am not a stage singer but it's so amazing to see others to do it. I was really happy to watch "Phantom of the opera" finally. Since my childhood I have been reading this story and it's just incredible. I would love to see "Cats" or "Chicago" in Broadway as well or "Wicked". I think my first destination in USA will be Broadway. It's just such a mysterious and magical atmosphere when you come to the theatre and everything is so beautiful and "englishly posh" (in London). So far I like her majesty theatre the most. Just so warm and homely. Before I leave I wanna watch ballet as well. To be in London and not to watch BALLET is a CRIME!!! :-) Thanx to my amazing friend who shared my passion for theatre and visited musicals with me. For me its what London is about.....theatre, plays, musicals, art, Mayfair and fashion :-) I dont have much time at the moment so I guess I should stop praising art of London and carry on with this sunny sunday. LOL.

Being so far from India it made me realize a lot i guess. It made me to understand very clearly what exactly I want to do in India. First of all and number one for me it's to do something for kids in orphanages as I wrote earlier about it. I know many people who offered me support in it and so many people wrote me. Thank you every one. I just hope that all my documents in India will get sorted and than I can proceed with this. Documents are very important and it's number one for everything. But I really want to do and I will, at least i will try my best.

In a professional career everything is going good in India as well but right now I dont think about it as it's so normal and daily things. It's not something to me that makes me "jump to the clouds". LOL. it's just something I live in all the time. I love it and it's my world. But soon I will have some interesting news. I am also looking forward to see music video what we shot with Aadesh Shrivastava.

Yesterday I went for a fashion show in London. It was cool. It was fashion show of India and Pakistan. I cant say fashion show was interesting but whole event was good, I met interesting people and I loved media in London. I love Mumbai media as well in fact.

I do miss certain people in Mumbai...and the weather. But in a same time we should live in a moment and life is exactly right now. So i wish everyone a nice day.
Lots of love from London
Saidah Jules

P.S. still the best coffee is in Starbucks:-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

London Eye

I was lucky with sunny weather in London :-) This is view from London Eye.

Video Diary - London (in hotel)

Hi folks. I am in UK right now in London. I truly love this city and think it's just amazing. No time to write much at the moment. Enjoy the video:-)
Lots of love from London

Friday, September 24, 2010

Video Diary - Sunny day in Germany

Hi folks. I am in Germany right now. Enjoying small holidays.
September 2010
Love to all
Saidah Jules

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Castle in Germany

Hi folks
Sending you regards from Germany. Today I visited very interesting Castle in Altena (Germany, Sauerland). It's like museum right now and I had very interesting excursion there. Here there is video, you can have a look as well :-)
Regards from Germany
Love to all

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pune - Mumbai drive (Video HD)

Hi folks
I wanted to share with you this video (HD). It's drive from Pune to Mumbai. I think it's pretty awesome and I even prefer to travel by car:-)
Have a nice day

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Happy birthday, Krishna"

Hi folks
Rain season is still on in Mumbai. I just don't know how to start my blog today.
First of all "Dear Krishna, happy birthday". I guess everybody who knows me know that I am devotee of Krishna and whatever I do is dedicated to Him. It's a big festival today in India. So ..."Hare Krishna". I already mentioned about it on my twitter and facebook. Of cause God doesn't have a birthday 'cuz he is eternal. He never was born and he will never die. He is Divine Energy what always was. No matter how you call him he is eternal. I call him Krishna but my Krishna always was and will always be. It's Divine Energy, Light. India is a country of traditions and of cause there are lots of festivals and holidays. Maybe in ancient times they were invented 'cuz life was boring. I would say I also kind of follow them but wisely. I don't fast for a day or two 'cuz I believe in either doing something or not. U either vegetarian or u r not, you cant be vegetarian for 1-2 days and think that you follow ur religion or something. I believe in a lifestyle, when you follow something you follow it always, when u love you are dedicated to it. I don't believe that not doing or doing something in one particular day has a meaning. Cuz it simply doesn't. Life is much more simple and it totally depends on us. Somehow most of people believe that they can do shit in life, treat other people badly, lie and cheat and than they will fast for a few days and all their sins had gone. It's so pathetic. People, wake up! It's all about what people we are ALWAYS, not we pretend to follow for few days. I believe in karma. There is no point of asking God about something or to eat and not to eat certain food. It's all about what you do on daily basis, what person u r, what human being. I am hindu by my religion and I grown up in hinduism and on Bhagavad Gita and Vedas. It's always important to follow ur heart, only heart. We come to this world for our personal growth and for our own learning and expirience, this life belongs only to us. I don't think by being vegetarian and non vegetarian changes you as a person or by drinking alcohol it makes you less religious. Personally I dont drink alcohol but it doesn't make me more religious. Or either I eat veg or non veg, its just body requirements. I don't go to temple every sunday with sweets cuz I don't feel I need to do it. God is inside of me, he is around, he is in air I breathe and he is everywhere, he is light, he is sun and you just can feel him around you. I feel him in every good thing I do what I can be proud of, I feel him in right doings and in something what I follow every day. He is in my actions on daily basis. If I can be a change in somebody's life, if i can make it better for somebody.... thats something what you can be proud about and it's something what makes you better person than you are. it doesn't matter to others how many times you go to temple or how many God's idols you have at home and how many times you pray. Only one thing matters...it's what you DO. Actions is the key for everything.....always....every day. Basically the bottom line is that I just want people to be better than they are and not be religious and spiritual at home or in temple only. I want them to learn how to give it away to others and how to share it with people outside. Just by being a little bit better the world can change a lot. I wish to celebrate Krishna's "birthday" every day cuz God is eternal and he never was born. (I told about religion not about mythology and hindu legends). But still since whole nation is celebration it today it will be the best end for my blog today. "Happy birthday, Lord Krishna".
Love to all always
Saidah Jules

P.S. I put this picture of baby Krishna cuz it's my favorite one, this picture in fact was the first picture of Krishna I saw in my life by being a child myself.

Friday, August 20, 2010

August in Mumbai

Hi folks
I believe you are fine. I am actually not...not really. I am in Mumbai and it's raining like hell and I just hate it. I hate rains and everything wet and due to high humidity it gets just crazy over here. even it sucks I would say. I would love to leave at present but I can't. I have certain duties and work what keeps me here. But I truly hate rains. Some incident happen yesterday what gonna keep me away from chinese food forever I guess. I went out for dinner with a friend of mine in chinese restaurant "aromas of china" or something. Food is nice over there but as everywhere in chinese food they put something what called MG or something, whatever i dont remember proper name. So, i don't feel well after that. It's some sort of chemical or sodium. whatever, I just really don't know the name. So after having food my friend told me that this "MG" actually they make of human's bones. oops.........."Good i already eat" - I thought. I felt bad cuz still even when i ask not to put anything in food in India they still do it. Even after you say million times in most of cases they will still do the way they think and not as a customer asks. Can you all imagine that u r eating chinese food and something what made of human's bones are there as well. Yackkkkkk..............all my appetite had gone. In fact I like chinese and some of their items are really nice but I guess from now on I am not gonna visit chinese restaurant for long. LOL.
Got amazing haircut yesterday. Good Christian is back in town.
Also i'm busy with some stupid organisation work what you always have to do in India on ur own.
I wanted and want to open NGO for education in orphanages. I'm serious about it. I met couple of people whom I wanted to do it with me. We were discussing a lot and agreed for many things and after meeting they just don't pick up my calls anymore. Than why he said "yes"? I just always wonder why people in here do like that, that they meet u, discuss and make plan (regarding company n work) and than he just doesn't pick up ur call after and desapear? why? is it difficult just to say "Sorry, Saidah, but im not interested in doing this". And what was more dissapointing that there are many people like that and law system in India is not ready to support me. Sad.........Really sad that when you want to do something for the country that nobody is willing to help and apart of that will even try that this will not happen. Had lots of bad expirience in this subject lately.
As I'm back in Mumbai now joined my normal life here as well. Went for Binga water launch yesterday. Met page 3 crowd. Didn't stay for long due to my busy shedule but was nice to meet my old friend.
I'm sorry for grammar mistakes. I am typing fast and in a rush right now so it happens. Sorry about that.
Also there are lots of amazing proffessional opportunities at the moment. Thinking that it's another stage of my life is going to start.
At the moment I feel very disturb about NGO and system what is not supportive. And I feel sad about it. I am not indian but being true hindu I always tried a did a lot and especially now when I have the power for NGO and want to do it I came to know how unsupportive all indian system is for those who are not indian and especially it's really depressive when you meet people for doing something good for the country, they promise and than just disapear. And I talk about serious people, not some jerks. So, i found out that a person can do serious business and talk a lot but in reality it will be just some "bullshit talker". Still I believe that I will make it happen one day and will help as much as I can.
I'm really sorry for all grammar mistakes and etc.
Work is good but I don't want to write about proff things at present. Just there is big surprise what's gonna happen. As at present all my thoughts about NGO.

Always remember that when there is an end for something there is a start for something again and when God closes the door he is opening a window ;-)

Love to all
Saidah Jules

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quotes what inspired me

Hi folks. I was surfing internet and found amazing quotes what I liked. Here they are:

2.When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams.

3.Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow.

4.We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing.

5.The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

6. Life is too short to live the same day twice!!

7.Four things come not back. The spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, ad the neglected opportunity.

8.Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

9.There is only one time that is important -- NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time hat we have any power.

10 Everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.

Most of them by russian author Leo Tolstoy. He was amazing with his "war and peace" and etc. I read it while studing in school.

Raining in Mumbai and many things happening. I just wanted to share quotes with you today and send love to everyone in the world.

Saidah Jules

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finale of Teen Pageant, june 2010

Hi folks, its just have been pretty crazy. I was traveling and traveling and... traveling. I am in Delhi right now for couple of days. Teen Pageant is over and it was unique expirience for me where was part of drama, professionalism and just good memories. Finale was in Mumbai and all our girls were stunning. I had beautiful saree what Avesh Dadlani made for me. I really loved his stuff and puting a pic over here. All judges were cool and it was nice expirience of working with Natasha Suri (former Miss India), really beautiful she is.

After Finale of Fact Universal Teen Pageant I traveled to UK to London for vacations, it was fun, really good trip. North Wales, London. I put pix on facebook, but only people who knows me in person are able to see them I guess. I really love London somehow. It's just amazing inspiring energy in the city. I remembered my trip last year...Nostalgy. LOL. Hopefully will be in London again soon.

Mumbai is raining and it's so terriable. I just hate rains. But Delhi is nice. Sometime back I went for a wedding in Pune, it was first time for me to attend indian wedding. It was nice, liked it and met wonderful people who became good friends.

Ok, cheers for now


Saidah Jules

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My thoughts in da mornin

It's one of my mornings in Indore. Just was getting bored before audition for Fact Universal Teen Pageant 2010. So....have a look.

Monday, April 26, 2010

April updates or "Work, work, work"

Hi folks
It's been a while.....but due to work. If before I was kinda lazy, now its work only, so was not writing due to this. There are many changes in my life…..within me but it have affected everything I would say. At present I am busy with workshop for my movie “Chitkabre. Shades of grey”. Its drama thriller and we gonna shoot almost whole may in Delhi near Gurgaon area. It’s interesting film and I am glad to be part of it. I play girl Cindy who is very arrogant. But not gonna say much, let it be complete first. Today attended workshop first day, met other actors and got the script, all cool. For whole week will be busy with workshop and than Delhi for may. Apart of that I am also busy with Fact Universal teen pageant, it’s a beauty pageant for teens and reality show as well. They have 2 judges : Natasha Suri, former miss India and me. I was traveling for last 5 days to Indore and Delhi with press conferences and auditions. Quite existed but its interesting and definitely worth it. Hotels…….cars………..work………its just all same, sometimes I don’t even care what city it is, cuz all hotels are same almost, cars and etc. But I am happy to do what I do. In june will be finale of teen pageant, still on 2nd may have audition in Mumbai. Delhi trip was very good, when it was press conference day, we were done pretty fast, fast than I expected and I wanted to go to Laxmi Narayan Temple, so we went, I was happy to go there, and after we had some local food in some market, I forgot the name. It was interesting experience.
I don’t know why but whenever I visit Indore my life gets changed. And it happened this time as well. It was my second visit to Indore. In professional way its always good since it has to be like that only. But just certain things in my philosophy had changed and I really can proceed with my writings further, cuz I was kinda stucked a bit and now I feel inspired. Unfortunately this inspiration came to me from sadness but its just how it is.
I understood a lot about destiny, I found out who my real friends are and who just simply care about me cuz it’s just me, just me without good and bad sides. Nobody is perfect and neither I am. I will not write much here about philosophy since I want to make it separate chapter but I just want people to be more activ in life. Unfortunately many people just pray to God and believe in destiny too much, like if they don’t want to do something or they will be scared to do something they will just excuse it with destiny and etc. I hate it, I just really hate it. Our life is always in our hands. I will write about it. Since I am real BUSY BEE at present time, even tonight I have meeting regarding work, so no time to write.
Love to all
Best wishes to all
Blessings to all but………..all our actions are always in our hands
Saidah Jules

Saturday, April 3, 2010

So far So good

Hi folks

I am just totally out of writing n our of updating. Just so many things it were lately. I have been traveling......Germany, Dubai. Just Dubai was the most exciting n awesome. Amazing shopping n fially I met my best friend Julia over there. We went out for lunch and dinner, she is truly amazing person. Germany was nice as well, its always great to meet mom.

I am kind of tired in Mumbai, with everything you cant relay on, with most of people you cant relay on, when u never can plan anything. But right now lots of good htings are happening, just waiting for finalising and signing.

I had also sad news about 'Right ya wrong", Neeraj Pathak comletely cut my role and did not even had guts to inform me about it. I felt sad about it since Neeraj Pathak always had lots of respect from me but after "Right ya wrong" he really dissapointed me. I expected that he would tell me about it.

Met Andrew Symonds recently and IPL after party was really fun. He is really cool person.

Unfortunately due to time limits have to end up now in a ruch

Keep rocking


Thursday, February 11, 2010

So far so good

Hi folks

Its just beginin of feb and all is cool. Yesterday finally I watched movie "3 idiots". Was nice. Too long, actually all hindi films are quite too long sometimes, but "3 idiots" was nice. After that we had amazing dinner at "Olive". I really love that place........white.......candless and warm.

Recently quite many things changed and in a good way. Also my tow is really better now, almost fine I think but i have to visit doctor next week I guess. I went for Mcdowell Derby horse race in Mumbai in Mahalaxmi. It was interesting, never been there before. Derby was nice but it's quite ridicules at times to see nicely dressed people and lots of gabbage, pizza, samosa and etc around. Its like monkey siting on a Mersedes in Agra. Interesting, what else I can say. It's always better not to stress out cuz of it, cuz it will never change. Never.

What else? At the moment I feel kinda boring cuz few things are pending and I dont like when something is in the air and not materialised yet. LOL.

Yesterday I met russian council in Mumbai, it was cool. It was something what I did not expect I would say. I was lucky I guess cuz now my work will be done much more faster and such a lovely people work in consulate and embassy. Really. It was cool to speak in russian language as well. I almost forgoten it. LOL

U never know what can happen tomm. Recently I was writing that India is like wonderland, that things just appear out of nowhere and dissapear as well. Like u never know, u never can plan, its just life right now, exactly at this moment. I dont like it, but....... I am just "Alice" who ended up in wonderland with its own rules.

But the most interesting also happened. I dont want to think about it right now or say anything, but I think "love is in the air". I really think so............i might be right or wrong. U never know. But i can say I am inspired, i really am.

Also my creative work is quite inspiring as well. Just now I talked to Venkatesh and it was cool, i hope finally we will do something together in creative way.

Now im abit in rush

Be cool, feel hot, life is wonderful

Peace to all

Saidah Jules

Monday, January 25, 2010

Crazy January

Hi folks
January was bad. First of all I fall down, clipped and broke toe on my foot. For 2 weeks I was in bed, it was so boring.............crazy. One my friends really helped alot with staying, was watching TV, eating pencakes, chapatis, dal, pasta, chips and my fav M&M's. LOL. Pencakes were really nice, fattening but yummy. Akshay Kumar (indian famous actor) eats same ones I guess as my friend and Akshay have same cook. Amazing cook. I defenately will hire him as well if I ever move to Juhu. Today I went to doctor and finally no more plaster. It was really terriably for this 2 weeks. Anyway there are lots o small bad stuff what happened in january, but also many things changed in me. In this 2 weeks I could see who actually cares about me and who doesnt. Was quite surprised, but whatever happens happens for good, right? SO now all is good.

Also I had photoshoot with Gaurhav Sethi. I am still waiting for pictures and it takes so long. Oh God, why people are so slow. Its like almost 3 weeks now. But shoot was good, i am sure it will be awesome pix. Behind the scenes came brilliant. Everybody likes my dark dark brown hairs. LOL. I like it too. Media came as well, and they were filming from top and made some stupid videos like Saidah Jules "uncersored" shoot and its all about boobs, boobs, boobs. When I saw it in internet I almost got heart attack, LOL, but it was truly funny. I think one day sex tape will also be uploaded, lol. Good I never did it in past, or by now one of my ex bfs would get angry and upload it. But I can sleep well cuz i never did it and actually I suggest never to make sex videos. It can be dangerous in future. LOL. Never.

I am looking forward for next days. I read one book now "The Game" by Neil Strauss. It's some stupid stuff actually but it cought me, I am reading it every day. It inspires and reminds......... I think soon my time to discover new places and new cities will come. Lots of work coming as well, I lost alot in this 2 weeks of bedtime stories.

Also recently somebody sent me very bful sms, I dont know who, it was jsut number, want to share with u guys "We find excuses for not doing things because of imperfect facilities.....but....where there is a will, there is always a way...."
So, if u want something in ur life than do it now. Right now. There is no tommorrow or later, there is only NOW, only NOW.

Love and peace to all
Saidah Jules

P.S. I also joined youtube. check out my channel http://www.youtube.com/naughtysasha

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Hi folks

First of all I want to wish everyone Happy new year 2010. I hope u had a great party and whole 2010 will be rocking.

I had very nice celebration. I had to be in Mumbai and deceided to meet 2010 in my favourite hotel JW Mariotte in Juhu. It was truly amazing party, I love food in Mariotte and had a blast......sushi, maki and defenately lots of sweets. You cant miss them on New year's eve :-))))) Few journalists sported me as well and it was fun:-) I really had amazing party......it was no options.

2009 was beautiful and not. Every year good and bad things happens. We loose, we gain. In 2009 I met really wonderful people who came into my life but also I lost few people whom I really loved. It always happens.....we loose....we get. Nobody can change it. It were people who hurt me and it were people who made me smile. But when New year comes I think we should always look forward for new things, for better things and to do what we have not done, to create what we have not created yet. In 2009 my career was going into that direction what I wanted and my proffessional life was good and it is good. And in private unfortunately it were people who had to leave......i will always remember them and they will belong to 2009. It were few friends who cheated and it just were people who really hurt.

I believe that whole new year depends on how u celebrate it so I made it a habit and tradition to celebrate it in a great way. This year was truly great. Thanx... And it's already started in a good way. I believe this year will be good and I will make it good. Life is beautiful but it's our duty to decorate it right.......if something goes we can do nothing about it but we can take care of what we have.

I wish everybody always to remember what you have and to take care of it. Its very easy to loose, but its much more harder to keep and cherish what you have. I wish you to respect and love life and people aroud.

Happy New Year 2010

Make it rock and shine

Love to all

Saidah Jules