Monday, April 26, 2010

April updates or "Work, work, work"

Hi folks
It's been a while.....but due to work. If before I was kinda lazy, now its work only, so was not writing due to this. There are many changes in my life…..within me but it have affected everything I would say. At present I am busy with workshop for my movie “Chitkabre. Shades of grey”. Its drama thriller and we gonna shoot almost whole may in Delhi near Gurgaon area. It’s interesting film and I am glad to be part of it. I play girl Cindy who is very arrogant. But not gonna say much, let it be complete first. Today attended workshop first day, met other actors and got the script, all cool. For whole week will be busy with workshop and than Delhi for may. Apart of that I am also busy with Fact Universal teen pageant, it’s a beauty pageant for teens and reality show as well. They have 2 judges : Natasha Suri, former miss India and me. I was traveling for last 5 days to Indore and Delhi with press conferences and auditions. Quite existed but its interesting and definitely worth it. Hotels…….cars………………its just all same, sometimes I don’t even care what city it is, cuz all hotels are same almost, cars and etc. But I am happy to do what I do. In june will be finale of teen pageant, still on 2nd may have audition in Mumbai. Delhi trip was very good, when it was press conference day, we were done pretty fast, fast than I expected and I wanted to go to Laxmi Narayan Temple, so we went, I was happy to go there, and after we had some local food in some market, I forgot the name. It was interesting experience.
I don’t know why but whenever I visit Indore my life gets changed. And it happened this time as well. It was my second visit to Indore. In professional way its always good since it has to be like that only. But just certain things in my philosophy had changed and I really can proceed with my writings further, cuz I was kinda stucked a bit and now I feel inspired. Unfortunately this inspiration came to me from sadness but its just how it is.
I understood a lot about destiny, I found out who my real friends are and who just simply care about me cuz it’s just me, just me without good and bad sides. Nobody is perfect and neither I am. I will not write much here about philosophy since I want to make it separate chapter but I just want people to be more activ in life. Unfortunately many people just pray to God and believe in destiny too much, like if they don’t want to do something or they will be scared to do something they will just excuse it with destiny and etc. I hate it, I just really hate it. Our life is always in our hands. I will write about it. Since I am real BUSY BEE at present time, even tonight I have meeting regarding work, so no time to write.
Love to all
Best wishes to all
Blessings to all but………..all our actions are always in our hands
Saidah Jules

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