Thursday, February 11, 2010

So far so good

Hi folks

Its just beginin of feb and all is cool. Yesterday finally I watched movie "3 idiots". Was nice. Too long, actually all hindi films are quite too long sometimes, but "3 idiots" was nice. After that we had amazing dinner at "Olive". I really love that place........white.......candless and warm.

Recently quite many things changed and in a good way. Also my tow is really better now, almost fine I think but i have to visit doctor next week I guess. I went for Mcdowell Derby horse race in Mumbai in Mahalaxmi. It was interesting, never been there before. Derby was nice but it's quite ridicules at times to see nicely dressed people and lots of gabbage, pizza, samosa and etc around. Its like monkey siting on a Mersedes in Agra. Interesting, what else I can say. It's always better not to stress out cuz of it, cuz it will never change. Never.

What else? At the moment I feel kinda boring cuz few things are pending and I dont like when something is in the air and not materialised yet. LOL.

Yesterday I met russian council in Mumbai, it was cool. It was something what I did not expect I would say. I was lucky I guess cuz now my work will be done much more faster and such a lovely people work in consulate and embassy. Really. It was cool to speak in russian language as well. I almost forgoten it. LOL

U never know what can happen tomm. Recently I was writing that India is like wonderland, that things just appear out of nowhere and dissapear as well. Like u never know, u never can plan, its just life right now, exactly at this moment. I dont like it, but....... I am just "Alice" who ended up in wonderland with its own rules.

But the most interesting also happened. I dont want to think about it right now or say anything, but I think "love is in the air". I really think so............i might be right or wrong. U never know. But i can say I am inspired, i really am.

Also my creative work is quite inspiring as well. Just now I talked to Venkatesh and it was cool, i hope finally we will do something together in creative way.

Now im abit in rush

Be cool, feel hot, life is wonderful

Peace to all

Saidah Jules