Monday, April 29, 2013

Way of happiness

Hi Folks
What I feel like writing about these days is about what all of us are fascinated about.
I think the most important thing in life to do exactly what you want to do and you are born for.  The true happiness is actually a feeling, it’s something that is not given or gained. It’s just a feeling that automatically comes.

Is it fame that makes you happy? No. Money? No. The answer is so simple that probably most of you wont agree with me but I know I am right. Happiness comes naturally when you live your life and follow your heart. When you follow your heart and your real wishes and not that wishes and desires that society impose on us.

It seems like every guy in Mumbai wants to be an actor (a hero) and every girl – an actress (a heroine). Hero and heroine… Reminds me comics about supermen I read in childhood but that’s OK. And the most interesting part is that guys think by training in gym every day and taking banana protein shakes and gaining muscle: that’s enough to become a “hero” and girls think that you just need to sleep with the right producer and he will make you “heroine”. Simple isn’t it? Oh….if everything would be that easy than 99% of guys would be heroes and 99% of girls heroines. But oops…how many do we know? Let me disappoint you…to become an actor takes absolutely different things than training in gym, having muscles or having sex. Things in life are not based on having muscles or sex.  And apart of it real cinema doesn’t have 1 or 2 actors in a movie and good films are based on a story and all actors are important in it. It’s very narrow minded people have such old fashioned stereotypes and think like that.

Another question is… do you think fame makes people happy? Probably I will disappoint you as well because I have never met people who would be happy because they are famous. Of cause they all think in the beginning that fame is the meaning of life but you study psychology than you can learn why exactly person wants to be famous. Usually those people who did not get much love in childhood have such need and when they become famous they still don’t really get that something deep inside they were looking for.  Fame on its own don’t bring happiness.  Either I have never met happy people just because they have money. And apart of it in India being famous and being rich are not necessary go together.

But apart of it have I met really happy people? Yes I did and what I realized that being happy doesn’t depend on money, fame or anything like that. Happiness depends on the things you do, on life that you live. When you just do what you truly love doing and doesn’t matter what it is. We all come here for an experience and we don’t need to prove anything to anybody. We should always ask our heart and our soul, that feeling deep inside, what we really want to do, what we wanted when we were kids and what we do at our best and pursue it. And when you just do what you really love you wont be bothered about fame or success, because you will be just happy to do it every single day. And if fame or success comes that’s great but its not the target. If you love to cook you just love doing it and it doesn’t matter if people are going to like it or not (the dish I mean).

That’s what happiness is.

And of cause love. But it’s a different subject all together.

I think most of people are not ready to accept that we do come to this world for awhile and we will leave and than we are going to reincarnate again and it’s the circle that will go on and on till the time we gain all the experience we must gain.

We should never judge others and nobody can judge us as well.

But the most interesting thing that I call hilarious is when you meet some man in show business whose ego is much bigger than he is and than he looks at you with attitude and tells you that he can make you a star. Hm….That’s interesting. He probably has some secret phone number of God (or lets say Universe) that he is going to use at night and asks for you;-) He must have been a secret agent from “Matrix” or “X-men”? 

I am happy because I do what my heart tells me to. I have done mistakes, I have learned, I had tough time but with all that it was my path and it was my journey and it all made me the person I am now. People don’t change but priorities do, we do mistakes and we learn from it be causes we come here for experience.  I don’t know what I will be doing tomorrow but I know that whatever I will be doing it will be true and it will be real and it will be genuine. Always say the truth and be true to yourself no matter what it’s going to cost you because at the end of the day nobody is more powerful than Universe.

I am not writing this to be judged or criticized if it’s true or not. I just share my thoughts and my experience. Some people might think like me, some people not and some can learn. We are all different and that’s the beauty of life.

Love to all
Saidah Jules