Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finale of Teen Pageant, june 2010

Hi folks, its just have been pretty crazy. I was traveling and traveling and... traveling. I am in Delhi right now for couple of days. Teen Pageant is over and it was unique expirience for me where was part of drama, professionalism and just good memories. Finale was in Mumbai and all our girls were stunning. I had beautiful saree what Avesh Dadlani made for me. I really loved his stuff and puting a pic over here. All judges were cool and it was nice expirience of working with Natasha Suri (former Miss India), really beautiful she is.

After Finale of Fact Universal Teen Pageant I traveled to UK to London for vacations, it was fun, really good trip. North Wales, London. I put pix on facebook, but only people who knows me in person are able to see them I guess. I really love London somehow. It's just amazing inspiring energy in the city. I remembered my trip last year...Nostalgy. LOL. Hopefully will be in London again soon.

Mumbai is raining and it's so terriable. I just hate rains. But Delhi is nice. Sometime back I went for a wedding in Pune, it was first time for me to attend indian wedding. It was nice, liked it and met wonderful people who became good friends.

Ok, cheers for now


Saidah Jules