Monday, December 19, 2011

Thank you all for birthday wishes. 17.12.2011

Hi folks. I started youtube channel. Its called SaidahJules ("SaidahJules"). Check it out.

And here there's is a video for u:-)

Love to all
Saidah Jules

Monday, November 7, 2011

New film "On the ramp" and few daily days....Eid Mubarak?

Hi folks
I am doing on more film in India and it's Bollywood movie called "On the ramp". Directed by Imran Khalid and my co-stars are Ranvir Shorey and Urvashi Sharma. I am playing fashion designer and feel really excited about it. Wonder why? xoxoxoxxoxo. It was my childhood dream to be a fashion designer and I was always fascinated towards it but destiny took me into another direction. So here I am now to be fashion designer in a movie:-) The movie should by released in feb or something like that. So, thats the news.

Also, recently went for a new restaurant lounge opening in Mumbai, called Le Monde. It's in Juhu opposite Penne restaurant. Le Monde is really lovely place with yummy italian continental cuisine and interesting design. It belongs to my friends and in particular to a good friend of mine Swaraj Kapoor (putting our pic from event). It was really nice evening and it was nice to catch up with Swaraj and Yuvraj Singh as well. From Le Monde I had to rush to another event and it was 1st look of my upcoming film Jal. We had a big get together in Sun and Sand hotel in Juhu. Good for me these two places are very closed to each other, so timing was good. Finally I saw all Jal's promos and I liked it. Loved it. And it was great to know that everybody loved it as well. I think my movie "On the ramp" will be released before Jal but Jal is like my first project and I literally put more than my heart into it. Sonu Nigam did amazing song "Jal de", it's a promo as well and it gives very massive effect. Loved it. I adore Sonu Nigam and was nice to meet him in personal finally after such a long time of working on a same movie. He is such a wonderful and adorable person.

What else is happening in my life? As always many things. Sometimes I just wonder what is more happening and more exciting prof life or private life? xoxoxoxoxo. Sometimes I have a feeling that actually the movie is my normal daily life and whenever I am on set thats the life. LOL. If somebody ever run out of scripts, guys, please come to me, I have so much to say and my life is like big dramatic TV serial. :-)

As I always say the most important thing in life is experience, its about feeling the present moment and living in it. It really doesn't matter what you do or what you achieve or what other people thing. It's all about what you feel and how you feel. When we die it doesn't matter how much money you earned or fame and all such stuff, but it matters what you experienced and what person you was. It's all about soul.

It looks like in Mumbai most of people are obsessed with fame and being known and many girls think that they will meet some big producer or director and for various silly reasons he will made her a star. It's silly and naive. It's not that easy and simple. Anyway, I don't want to get into that topic right now cuz i will write about it separately later one.

It's Eid right now and I can say Eid Mubarak to all muslims. But as well what truly makes me sad is that there are so many sheep who r getting killed. I know it's probably sound stupid. But my heart breaks when I hear one day before all that sound "beeee beeee beee" that sheep makes near my building ( I live in area where there are a lot of them before Eid). And I see so many of them and next day they are all dad for a holiday and you can see blood on the road. And than people say "Eid Mubarak". It's sad, guys. Seriously. I probably would never think about and I don't care if you are veg or non-veg. Personally I am vegetarian but thats not the point. It's just pretty sad to see all this picture of little insecure animals one day and next day no more sound cuz they r are dead and blood on the road. I hope I will not get critized for writing this but it's from my heart. I don't judge any religion and thats not the point. It's not about a religion at all. Please all get me right over here. It's about what I feel as it's my personal blog. I am sorry but I don't actually feel like saying Eid Mubarak cuz I just remember all this animals what I saw few days ago and now their blood and etc. It's just sad for me. Please note that I don't say anything about muslims or religion, it's just my personal experience of what I feel. Just wonder how a man can hit and kill innocent animal.....thats it.

As you all know I am hindu by religion and thats i guess the reason for me being vegetarian and follow the life style I do. I am absolutely cool with anyone but killing innocent animals just really made me sad. When you don't see its cool, but when it's like near your building.

Anyway..........good people always counts.

Love you all
Saidah Jules

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diwali time.....blessings and regrets

Hi folks. It's a big hindu festival and I wish you all Happy Diwali. It's hindu New Year.

I think it's very special and significant time cuz it gives you such feel of changing everything for good. If you are already happy than you can just move into a new level and if you are than you can always start or create a new one. Actually I am really looking for 2012 to start and leave 2011 in past, even thought it was generally a good year for me and "Jal" was the biggest thing that happened (the shoot i mean) but it was a big process of experience and self rediscovery. "Jal" is not only one prof thing that I did obviously and there are others as well but I don't talk about it unless it's about to release. I did write a lot about "Jal" cuz it touched me a lot and that time in a desert for 40 days was something "out of the world experience". It was like you are living in a desert, experiencing that life, seeing people in villagers, and you connect to yourself so much cuz its only you and the desert and your feelings and your emotions. I dont think i was really to interact with all my feelings and emotions but I had no choice. And with all this you also doing your work and have to do it at your level best. So that time is very precious to me and everything what I learn over there and probably there is nobody who ever seen so much of me and my emotions as Girish Malik......i believe we will work again :-) But actually all creative people are a bit mad........cuz talent is madness I suppose. But thats actually a very beautiful feeling when all ur emotions and feelings just get on a surface of a land. No matter how many movies I will do and etc but "Jal" is something that made a big changes in me as it was destiny. And the story was significant to me and related to many things in my life that I associated it with. It was probably the most important thing this year but I would not like to go through it again (i mean of living there and be exposed to urself). Probably one day I will be in Bhuj and will be remembering how we were shooting and where but let it remains as an experience.

I had very nice interview yesterday. It was for Germany. Was happy to have intelligent conversation about beauty and many different things. I don't know why people are scared of being honest and speak their mind. If you ask me what I think I tell you what I think, if you are not ready to hear than don't ask but I believe in being true to yourself. My way of living was always following your heart and say what you think and I guess it was always working for me as practice shows.

As life is always a balance, I met some amazing people and had some bad experience as well. Probably it's better not to focus on negative part as it was learning experience. There was one guy who was and still is using my photos for his "beautiful publicity" or I don't know how to call it. Let's not use his name as such people are not worth it to be names. He clicked pix with me and posted all over facebook and tells we are dating or whatever, and he put so many pictures that for every normal person it really looks as we do. But....THATS NOT TRUE. I just randomly know him and never thought that someone can do such a silly thing. Thats embarrasing and it's actually harassement. It's exactly what I was talking about in my previous post. He probably feels very happy that all people in his area and on facebook think that he has something to do with me. I obviously tried to report all pix to facebook but no results and he blocked me but still using the pix. It really makes me feel sad when there are such elements who spread rumours and infact makes it. He is just acquitance.........I was writing about it in previous post and now there is a perfect example. So.....I am not in relationship and not dating and it was totally rubbish. But it was learning experience. In whole my life never had it before but now I generally scared of clicking pictures with people cuz next day they just can post it and say something that is not there.

But also I met amazing people recently........Will see how things go and hopefully after couple of months I will write something very beautiful.

The best thing that happened recently is that I met and "Angel" :-))) after whole year :-) It was great and beautiful. I felt blessed and it was lots of harmony and it was just beautiful. The most beautiful thing in life is when you feel divine energy. It's a blessing to know somebody who thinks exactly like you and you have such a similar character. And even though you don't spend much time together due to film industry and shooting but you are always connected and always in touch no matter where the shoot is. And when you get a time to meet its sooooo soooo beautiful and special. I am really happy that there are people in my life who like me the way I am and who is just there. As I never write names in my blog I am not going to do it :-) I think it's wrong to disturb somebodies privacy and use names. At least I never use names in my blog as it's my personal interaction and I dont make news of my personal life. I share my experience and the way I am.

Maybe one say when I will be pretty old woman I will write a book with all reality how it is, was and will be and will include real people in it:-)

I am uploading a video and suggest to everybody to watch it. It's just beautiful song.

Happy Diwali. I wish you all to be honest to yourself and be honest to the world around, we are in charge on our destiny and we should always be loyal to ourselves.

Lots of Love
Saidah Jules

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Jealousy...Being beautiful"

Hi folks
I just want to share with you a "simply life" of a beautiful girl (or any person i am sure).

If God made you beautiful that obviously you should be thankful to Him for this cuz if I was not beautiful than I guess nothing in my life would be the way it is. Thats true that beauty opens many doors and if you are also intelligent than it opens really many doors. People always give you priority if you look beautiful. In school, in college, in University, at work and of cause in private life every guy will be after you as well. I dont know anybody who would not like it. I think my modeling career happen cuz i look photogenic and beautiful in pictures. In acting as well, apart of acting talent looking good on screen is important. People always like to see you around and etc etc etc. Whatever I am now and whatever I have now it's only because I am beautiful person and I am thankful to God he made me that way. But let's not stress out on this. There is another side that people don't know.

Another side is ... JEALOUSY.
I know thousands of people and ask me how many are my true friends? Who is that genuine friend who is there for me for share happiness and when i am down. I can tell you one hand is more that enough to count that people. All others are acquaintance and they are jealous. And you deal with this shit every day.

Especially jealous girls, its normally very small people who tries to send you different small shit and they believe it affects you? For example you are shooting and than a girl (who works with u or from same field) come and says like "Oh wow, Saidah, you put on weight sooooooo much". But you know you are same as before. Believe me people, whenever someone is jealous they always tell you this or talk about weight or pick up all such similar topics. But when someone wants to be nice they say "Oh, Saidah, you lost so much weight". But the point is that i am always the same, 1 kg always comes and goes but its not visible normally. So always remember, if someone is a bitch she says "u put on weight" and if someone wants to pretend to be nice it will be "you lost weight".

Another part is rumors. Yes ofcuz, it cant be without them. And normally it's a bad rumors and based on sex topic as a rule. As Mumbai is a small city and showbiz in general it's gonna be like this.... whenever you are seen with a guy it means you are sleeping together. It can't be you relative, your friend, your co-star or just professional just can't be that way. It HAS TO be that you are sleeping together. And if even you dare to have a picture together...FOR SURE it's love forever and you gonna die same day and you are secretly married. It's just be a simple picture with a friend or just with a person, it always has to be more...MUCH MORE behind it. And if you are spotted in a restaurant or coffee shop in a hotel...THATS A CRIME!!! it means you were in a room and came down to eat. Secret love affair has been disclosed. me people?

So.....some of your "friends" will always bitch a bout you. Thats the fact....Or some of them might even ask for help and than they will just dessapear. Or some "friends" will copy you. Sometimes it's very funny to see how you female "friends" try to copy you or your ideas. But the idea is they pretend to be your friends;-)))) but they will be the first to put you down as well.

So....what next? A movie.....if by any chance you got a good work than it's be cause you slept with producer or director. It just can't be cuz of your personality, your work experience, your performance or you look. Its only cuz you slept with someone. Probably if everything was so simply that every second girl in Mumbai would be a real actress and we could see them on screen but unfortunately for them sex is not the key for success. To become somebody takes much much more than all this all together.

To all people I would say that before you speak you should always ask yourself what for you are doing it and what energy you send to the world? If to spread rumors or talk rubbish makes you really happy human being but def do it and we are ready to put our names on it but I doubt it really does. Every person has their own path, the way, their situations in life and everything. We should never judge and we should focus on our things. There is only one thing that distroys everything..its JEALOUSY.

I wish everybody not to be jealous. It's a really a horrible thing. People should be realistic and down to earth. It's very important to see the truth and not that you want to see.

Before talking bad about others just ask yourself if you are perfect? Or what would you do? I really do believe this world can be better than it is if jealousy would not be part of it.

I don't understand why everybody wants to be models in Mumbai? why? If you want to be glamourous than just be no matter what work you do. You can always dress up well and put makeup on if you are a woman. You don't need to be a model for it. In fact most of models looks very ordinary in life.

Why every guy in Mumbai think that girls are fall in love with good looking guys? let me tell you that it's about brains. It doesnt matter how many muscles you have. it's all about ur brains and intelligence and the way you are. Just be yourself and be a man. It's that simple.

Also it happens with jealous guys that.....when they like someone and can't be with that person they will always talk bad about that girl and ofcuz that they slept together, had affair and that girl is after him but he is such a hero and doesn't wanna be with her. There are almost thousands of guys in Mumbai who "was with me" but the point i don't know 99% of them. :-) Thats the point - people love to make stories when they are jealous and as a rule it has to be based on sex.

And the last thing - if you are beautiful you can't be intelligent. You can't can't be smart and educated. So if beautiful person does business as well than it is something very suspicious cuz beautiful females can't be smart. It's very hard to accept for a man that actually they can and they can compete with them. So it's a scary thing for a man to accept that a woman actually can be more powerful.

So....with all this shit I have to deal all the time........and what do I do? DON'T BOTHER.
I am happy with the way I look and the way I am. If someone doesn't like it than...."the exit door is over there". And i am not gonna sit at home just because if I go to restaurant in hotel some limited minded people will think I came down from upstairs. No way. Life is always moving on and there is life behind everything.

The main point in life and the way to be happy is to live life you have and to be the person you and to be content and enjoy your own life. Not others people, UR OWN.

And the last thing - nobody can make you a star ....that magical light comes from inside of the person. Certain people can show you but nobody can make you somebody if you are not somebody yourself.

Life your own life and be happy with what you have. Jealousy never made anybody better human being or a happy person.

Love to all
Saidah Jules

Monday, September 12, 2011

Saidah Jules shares Health Tips

Hi folks
Listen to my health tips and try to follow them:-)

Love to all
Saidah Jules

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Funny stuff...facebook

Hi folks
Just wanted to share funny story. On my public profile on facebook I get so many sifferent messages and most of them are coming from guys. Of course its nice to read good stuff about urself and to hear different compliments but whats really funny is that they all as my number and invite me for coffee, dinners and etc. And I just wonder do they really think I just gonna write it down? Where is common cense? It's just how "strange" a person can be. Sometime a person can write me very long mail with good cense in it and than i might reply "thank you" or something of that sort and straight after than second mail comes "whats your number? lets meet?". Normally I just ignore it as simply I dont have time to teach morals or even say no. It's better to ignore and dont reply for such weirdness. I mean I do love my fans but it's acquaintance. I don't give my numbers, don't reply and just i am not part of that interactions. I just find it weird when people just write me mail and as my phone number. Do they really think that I have nothing to do like to meet different people for coffee or whatever?

So.....who ever....on facebook and anywhere. I don't give my phone numbers and don't reply for any messages that don't contain any useful information to me. We are all acquaintance on facebook and we are not real friends. As simple as that. I mean my public profile.

Apart of it life is going well. It's september now and private life is really interesting so's like a sunrise...;-)

Ok folks, im off to sleep.

By the way shoot for "Jal" is over. Promos will be in cinema since November.

Went to watch few movies recently. Pakistani film "Bol" was really good, liked it a lot. Everybody should watch it. Watched "Bodyguard" as comments.

Love to all
Saidah Jules

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in Mumbai

Hi folks
Hope everybody are doing fine. I have been traveling again, Europe, Germany. Was visiting my mom over there. Had a great time.
Now i am back in Mumbai and the weather is quite nice. Like this change towards sunny days. I have my last one scene to shoot for "Jal" and movie is done. Met Girish Malik recently and saw the promos and some parts of the movie. Loved it. It comes out really great and I am looking forward to see it myself. Kutch doesnt look like real Kutch :-) Whenever i work on a movie I always imagine what i would think about it if I was in the audience, would I like it? what would I think about actors and their performance? I believe that acting has to be that good that people (audience) will not even think about the actor, they will believe so much in that charakter that thought about an actor will not even rise. I do believe in it and I do my best to make my work on that level.
Have to rush..
to be continued...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trip to Dubai

Hi Folks
I have been in Dubai recently and it was really amazing. I love Dubai a lot, its my second favorite city after London. Unfortunately I have been there just for few days but i'm sure in future many more trips to come. The most interesting part of Dubai is a desert and obviously I could not miss out to visit it. I think by now I have became desert expert. LOL. Kutch, Rajastan, Dubai. But it's so beautiful in desert when you can connect to deeper side of urs and to nature.
I went as well to famous restaurant Nobu. It's japanese cuisine and it's my favorite. It's in Atlantis hotel and it's a must to visit in Dubai.
Burj Al Arab as well. We went to Muntaha restaurant. It was on the top where you can see whole Dubai. Truly magical view. Food wise I cant say it's something unique but atmosphere was amazing.
My childhood friend lives in Dubai, we had a great time with her.

Now I am back in Mumbai. Have title song to shoot for "Jal" with Sonu Nigam. Excited to shoot together.

Ok guys, hope you are "enjoying" rains in Mumbai
Love to all
Saidah Jules

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July updates

Hi folks
I have just came back from 2nd schedule of "Jal". We were shooting in Rajastan in Jaisalmer. It was +47C. Kutch is nothing in front of Jaisalmer desert. But its really unique experience of being in desert. If not shooting for my film I don't think I would ever go there. It was really beautiful. I am looking forward to release.
Mumbai is raining....and raining
I am going for holidays in Dubai, will write when i am back
Have a nice day to all
Saidah Jules

Friday, June 24, 2011

June updates

Hi folks
It have been really long since my last post but i jsut did not feel like to write as well and busy life. During this time i have been in Germany, Holland and Moscow. In Moscow i had to attend the wedding and it was really fabules and amazing experience and i was bride's best friend as well.
On prof front i am leaving to desert again in few days, for the second shedule of "Jal". now its gonna be rajastan for a week i guess.
will keep you all updated

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mumbai after "Jal" (shoot in desert). Part 1

Hi folks
It's been ages since my last entry. I know. I have been in Gujarat in Kutch for last 40 days. Shooting for movie "Jal". Rann of Kutch....indian desert. I know it must be very interesting to know how it was and etc etc but I feel like keeping it simple and just post "no comments". I think it's the best. LOL.
Kutch is beautiful....Rann of Kutch....desert. A great place to visit for a few days. I have been living there for 40 days and had to forget what 21st century is about. LOL. Still recovering. It's been tough if to say it in simple language. Movie is going amazing so far. It's always a pleasure to work with Girish Malik. I like the way he directs and "sees" the movie. "Jal" is our first project together and I believe we have a long way to go professionally. He is fantastic person to work with and I am happy that my first movie as a main lead happen to be exactly with Girish Malik. We have so many interesting people in our film. I can't mention all of them as its nearly hundred. LOL. But with whom I had really good working experience are Tannishtha Chatterjee, Purab Kohli, Yashpal Sharma and Gary Richardson.
We did a play with Gary before so it's like we knew each other. But I was really glad to work with Purab, Yashpal and Tannishtha. Some of them really helped on professional front.

It's just so many things happening in my life as well and tonight i am leaving to Europe for 2 weeks and to Moscow for a wedding. Very excited about it :-) Will write soon. Now my mind is quite disturb with thousand of things.
Love to All
Sidah Jules

to be continued...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kala Ghoda art festival 2011

Hi folks
Yesterday I was performing at Kala Ghoda Art Festival. it was truly magical experience. It was my debut in India. I had a play "Test or a suicide" with Gary Richardson and Pranav. I think it's very interesting what Mad Horses troupe does (Gary Richardson and Alyque Padamsee). We really had amazing performance and for my debut I did quite well. I really gave my best and audience loved it. Applauses were the best part of the show. In few days I will upload a link with video. It was a pleasure to work with Gary, Alyque and my co actor Pranav. I think we did a good performance. But it was lots of work before with rehearsals. I believe its what it takes to be professional. I believe in lots of work and rehearsals before you show something to people. Now looking forward to my next ones.

Today I went to Kala Ghoda art street and was amazed how many beautiful paintings and art pieces people can find there. I also bought some impressive stuff.

Thank you everybody for comments on facebook

At present I am working on my next movie "Jal".

Love to all

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hira Manek Awards

Hi folks
I had really nice day yesterday. First of all I finally received my visiting cards from USA, they were coming from New York. Exactly like I wanted, I did design myself and it was very exclusive quality and the way they were made up. Unfortunately I can't put up a picture as it contains my personal details.
Yesterday I have received an award for outstanding contribution towards acting from Hira Manek organization. It was fun. It's such a great energy when you stand on stage in front of huge audience and feel all their love and support. Love this feeling. And especially when kids come to me :-) I always make sure that I talk to them and click pictures with all kids who wants it. No matter if I am in a rush or not but for kids I always do my best and I always will. The are amazing. They inspire me to do more and more. I am working on my book at present and I will make sure it will come out in hindi language as well and will be promoted in a big way as well. There so soooo much I want to give. After award we went for dinner, chinese. What I love about chinese dinner is fortune cookies what comes after. Somehow it always works. LOL. I can't say I believe in all this but fortune cookies are fun. Yesterday I have got "Peace is around the corner". It's very true if to talk about my personal life. LOL. I hope that peaceful corner is ready for a peace. :-)
On friday 11th I have my debut on stage in India. Working on it. It has to be perfect. No compromise!!! It's a short play but I don't have time to do bigger one unfortunately. Theatre is my love and passion what will always be in me. Stage.....i really miss it sometimes. I used to work a lot on stage but it was somewhere in another life :-) It's such amazing feeling when you send your energy to other people and you can send them what they want as it always reaction. It's like acting. Good acting is when you react on your partner. You don't need to know what you have to say, you have to react naturally on your partner and he/she does the same and than it works. It's real life process. If you still call it acting than its not perfect. It's perfect when people don't know you act, when they believe it's real and think that it's real you. Otherwise to learn the lines and give certain expressions every person can. Perfect acting is when even you forget that you act. When you honestly believe in that character and feel the same way. When there is no more "Saidah Jules" and it's somebody else. This is what I call perfection. The person has to experience everything in life to know what it is about. Stanislavsky did it the best and thats why whole world follows him.

I am doing new tattoo. It will be the most special tattoo from all of them I have. I want to do it in next few days. It's gonna be one phrase writen in secret Hebrew language. And it will be on my palm. It's the most special meaning of my life.

I am so thankful to all amazing people I meet in life and who makes a difference. Thank you.
Love to all
Hare Krishna
Saidah Jules

Friday, February 4, 2011

So for theatre

Hi folks
So far all good. Life is very busy and it keeps me away from internet blog. Will be pretty short right now. I am working every day on a play "Test or suicide?" with american director Gary Richardson. It's drama play and I love it. We are performing on 11th of february with theatre Mad Horses. Kala Ghoda festival in National Gallery of Modern Art Theatre, opp Regal Cinema in Colaba. Having rehearsals every day and working towards perfection. I truly love theatre. This is something what just brings you to another world.
Also shooting for my movie "Jal" is going to start next month. Working on it as well.
Recently have been busy with workshops and trip to Delhi.
So far just totally in love and
Love to all
Saidah Jules

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mini film 'London dreams" :-)

HI folks. I guess I really fall in love with video editing and it's what I could make :-) Check it out.
Saidah Jules

Diwali celebration in Mumbai, India

It's how people celebrate Diwali festival in India in Mumbai. 2010

My birthday video

Hi folks.
I just figured out how to do editing for video:-) Such a fun.
Uploading new videos. This one is from my birthday. 17th dec 2010.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 BEGINS. "Butterfly"

Hi everyone.
I am back in Mumbai. Moscow was great. It was truly amazing New year. I would rate it as one of the best New Year's celebrations. I discovered Russia to be an amazing country with rich traditions. They celebrate New Year in a very big way and it's a family holiday. I have relatives in Moscow and I am happy that we are very closed:-) I had really great holidays. Now i am back in Mumbai and back to my healthy life style and work. Time for hard work begins but I love it. Also so many new opportunities came and life is new. I decided to make everything new and it's like a new start kind of a thing. 2010 was good and bad. i met some loosers and all of them are left in 2010 and i met amazing people who inspire me and all of them are in 2011 as well. Thanx to them. I also realized that whoever loves you will always love you and real love is forever and no matter what happens it will just always be. No matter what you do its just heart.
In Moscow I have wonderful brother. He is 9 y.o. and he keeps inspire me. He is so young but he makes me understand life better and understand what is really important in life and what comes secondary. He is incredible. He inspires me in my work and in my private life. I love him a lot and I am thankful to God that he is there in my life. I have very lovable and understanding family and I love them a lot. Unfortunately I could not go to germany for winter holidays to see my mother but whatever happens happens for good and I had best ever new year with my little cutie pie:-) I wish everybody to have kids and especially smart and clever ones:-)

Love is amazing. it's the most important thing in life and i realized how much I love my life and my work. There are so many new things what came up. But I don't feel like writing about my professional life at present. It's something so private to me.

I think I am truly happy at present cuz life is such a beautiful thing. Clouds of bliss:-) 2011 is a new beginning of my life. I am just so excited. Don't want to share it right now.
Happy new year to everybody.

P.S. It's russian tradition to celebrate New Year:
Russian New Year traditions include a New Year's Tree known as Novogodnaya Yolka. It is decorated with sweets and has a bright star on top. Another tradition is the arrival of Father Frost or Ded Moroz along with his granddaughter Snegurochka, the snow girl. Children wait for them as they bring New Year presents and keep them under the New Year's Tree. To make Father Frost happy, children sing songs. Of course, no New Year is complete without a family get together and delicious meals and fireworks. People have a sumptuous dinner with a glass of bubbling champagne. Another tradition is the listening to the New Year Speech by the President of Russia on New Year's Day. One famous New Year tradition in Russia is fortune telling.

Love to all
Saidah Jules

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Red Square in Moscow

It's winter time in Russia in Moscow. Red Square

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year wishes

Hi folks. I wish everybody Happy New Year 2011. Lots of love
Saidah Jules