Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 BEGINS. "Butterfly"

Hi everyone.
I am back in Mumbai. Moscow was great. It was truly amazing New year. I would rate it as one of the best New Year's celebrations. I discovered Russia to be an amazing country with rich traditions. They celebrate New Year in a very big way and it's a family holiday. I have relatives in Moscow and I am happy that we are very closed:-) I had really great holidays. Now i am back in Mumbai and back to my healthy life style and work. Time for hard work begins but I love it. Also so many new opportunities came and life is new. I decided to make everything new and it's like a new start kind of a thing. 2010 was good and bad. i met some loosers and all of them are left in 2010 and i met amazing people who inspire me and all of them are in 2011 as well. Thanx to them. I also realized that whoever loves you will always love you and real love is forever and no matter what happens it will just always be. No matter what you do its just heart.
In Moscow I have wonderful brother. He is 9 y.o. and he keeps inspire me. He is so young but he makes me understand life better and understand what is really important in life and what comes secondary. He is incredible. He inspires me in my work and in my private life. I love him a lot and I am thankful to God that he is there in my life. I have very lovable and understanding family and I love them a lot. Unfortunately I could not go to germany for winter holidays to see my mother but whatever happens happens for good and I had best ever new year with my little cutie pie:-) I wish everybody to have kids and especially smart and clever ones:-)

Love is amazing. it's the most important thing in life and i realized how much I love my life and my work. There are so many new things what came up. But I don't feel like writing about my professional life at present. It's something so private to me.

I think I am truly happy at present cuz life is such a beautiful thing. Clouds of bliss:-) 2011 is a new beginning of my life. I am just so excited. Don't want to share it right now.
Happy new year to everybody.

P.S. It's russian tradition to celebrate New Year:
Russian New Year traditions include a New Year's Tree known as Novogodnaya Yolka. It is decorated with sweets and has a bright star on top. Another tradition is the arrival of Father Frost or Ded Moroz along with his granddaughter Snegurochka, the snow girl. Children wait for them as they bring New Year presents and keep them under the New Year's Tree. To make Father Frost happy, children sing songs. Of course, no New Year is complete without a family get together and delicious meals and fireworks. People have a sumptuous dinner with a glass of bubbling champagne. Another tradition is the listening to the New Year Speech by the President of Russia on New Year's Day. One famous New Year tradition in Russia is fortune telling.

Love to all
Saidah Jules

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  1. hello Saidah, i was just browsing through a friends profile on facebook and came across yours, without a doubt you are most beautiful. but at the same time once i read your blog i realized u're a wonderful human being too! May God grant u all your wishes and wish you love,success and peace in life! Goodluck.