Saturday, April 21, 2012

" happen"


Did you ever wondered what is a miracle and if it happens? If we google word "miracle" Wikipedia is coming up with an answer that "miracle often denotes an event attributed to divine intervention". So it means some sort of a divine touch I would say. There are many interesting stories you can find in internet and even if you read whole definition of miracles on Wikipedia but I am here to write my own thought and my own story be cause everything else you can google without me being there. 

As a spiritual person I do believe that everything we do has an energy and everything happens to us has an energy. Universe is an energy and God is an energy. So everything around us and we ourself is an energy and we are all are parts of one big energy if to say it in a simple language. If you are spiritual person whenever you go to temple or church or mosque or any religious place you can feel very different over there, you can feel that beautiful divine energy. And i think thats why a lot of people go there, just to feel it as it gives you peace, harmony and maybe even feeling of love, protection, etc. You can name it anything. So if to go directly to the "main course" without any "starter" as it's just a blog and not a book, let me tell you this...

According to my opinion and my visualization of life Miracle is anything that has divine energy in it and that makes you feel truly "happy". By "happy" I mean many things as for each and every person happiness has a different meaning. In my definition we will be thinking that happiness is a feeling of "blissful light" inside of you, when you feel "piece of God" inside of you. As you know we are all are created by God and we are all parts of this unique huge divine energy so when you do feel like one thats what I call happiness ("inner happiness"). just life and life moves on and goes on and you dream about something. People do come and tell you that it's not possible and it will never happens but you keep dreaming. Than you meet people and they give you different opinions and judge and they think they are the best to know everything. But you still dreaming and than you want it so much.....and you wish for it not be cause you want to possess it or to prove anything to anybody, you just want it be cause you truly love it and be cause it's the only one thing you truly love and it doesn't matter who thinks what, you keep loving what you love and you keep dreaming about it and whatever you do you do just do it. And than you remember all fairy tales you read in childhood and you do realize they still do lead your life. And one day you meet more people who tells you its not possible be cause all dreams are not realistic. But than question arises....what is realistic? yes we are all people but who created us? who decides what is realistic and what is not? who? Why we think that north is north and west is west? be cause we have been told from the beginning that north is north. But if we all die tomorrow and new generation comes and they will be told that north is west and west is north than it will be their reality. So who are we to know what is real and what is not? Whenever anybody tells me it's not real how do they know my reality? Or when we say anything to others, how do we know? Let me tell you one thing.... whatever you believe in it's real. And it's not an allusion. But you have to believe in it from your heart. It has to be inside of your soul....where God is. And one day.....when you don't expect it anymore and when you probably started to think that it is unreal but you still do have a hope.... it happens....Universe comes to you and tells you that it is real be cause you are the one who created it and you dream becomes reality, it becomes real to everybody now. But before they were saying it's unreal... This is what I call Miracle. 

Miracle is a gift that Universe (God) sends you or bless you with. You can't pray and ask for it, you have to deserve it. It's karmic, it's energy. Everything has a rule and system works the way it does. Miracle is a divine gift, a blessing. 

Miracles happen every day but we are too blind to see them....every person comes to this world every second, sun is shining, kids are laughing and playing, flowers are blooming and this is life. It's beautiful and it is a blessing to be here and experience it. 

I think the best feeling I had and the best things I achieved so far in my life is my work and show business. When you shoot for a movie and whole unit is there and you are on set and all lights and camera on you and than you create another person, another you on screen its a wonderful feeling. And when you watch yourself on a big screen and see that another "you" that someone you created it's magical. And when so many people are coming and telling you beautiful things of cause you feel so blessed and flattered. When you shoot and big crowd comes to meet you and you see genuine feelings in their eyes. And than you feel how much you can do for them, how you can do better things and make this world a better place to be. It's the best feeling in the world. It's something I always knew will be worth it for me to be here. All these people do inspire me to grow more and make all my goals come true. And it's a magical feeling when you do see yourself on big screen and know that you did it. Maybe it was hard work or maybe it was a miracle. 

But...what a really true miracle is........

One day you meet a person.....just one simple person.....and you look at him, you look into his eyes and than everything is changing around you and you feel that entire world and universe is around and there is nothing else you need anymore......Thats the real miracle....when you can feel the entire world and universe just in one person and when nothing else matters. It will never go be cause it's inside of you. And if it ever leaves, it will always come back be cause it's truly yours. It will be always with you and you will be always too.

I am thankful to God for sending miracles into my life...
And I am thankful to him to inspire me every day for everything I do...
If I would not love I would never be Saidah Jules...

I wish you all to be open for miracles in your life. Just let them happens. 

Saidah Jules

Hi Folks
I guess a lot of settings in my blog had changed and I am not really sure how it will look now. I got a lot of offers for my personal web site but as I was saying earlier I think its not a right time as yet. I will definitely come up with my personal web site but after some time. Now at present. I also have very particular ideas about my site and it has a lot of flash and dreamwork and animations. So....not now.

I guess I did not write since my birthday...uhhh....i am a grown up girl now :-)

As always....some drama....sometimes I think my life could be converted into big TV serial with some new genre or a lot of feature films could be shot....or maybe books written.

Anyway... whats at present and at present it's film "Kaanch". Kalpana Lajmi is director and we are going on floor next month...may. At present I am busy with workshops. I think about story and what it is about actually I will write some other time. It's a new film I am working on exactly right now. I will definitely write more about it but not right now.

Saidah Jules