Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Right Path

Hi folks

At one point of time I just realized that there are no paths we choose in life and there are no paths that choose us, there is no destiny, there is nothing of that sort. And the scary truth is that there is only ONE PATH. And it’s not for us to decide what to follow and not to follow, it’s either we are on that path or we are not. And if we are not than we will keep reincarnating and coming to this world for the same reason.  All religions of the world and all great philosophers and gurus all of them talk about and describe the same thing and the same PATH OF LIFE. And it doesn’t really matter if you are spiritual person or not, if you believe in Krishna, Buddha or Jesus or even if you are atheist. It doesn’t matter what you believe in but the moment you break the rules of nature (or rules of universe) you immediately pay for it. You may call it karma or destiny or whatever you wish to call it but this world has rules and if you don’t obey them than you pay for it. And no matter what you think or feel but you have to accept the rules and walk the right path because it is only one right path.

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, rules of universe never change and everything in this world work according the system, according the matrix if I can say.

Let me give you simple example. For example a person wants to loose weight. There is only one way how you can do it: eat less. You will loose weight only if you receive less calories than you burn. You can follow blood type diet, eat only proteins or exercise 24-7 in gym but you will loose weight only if amount of calories you burn is higher than the amount of calories you eat. It’s simple. You can use many different ways but the truth remains simple and universal. That’s the rule of this world (or this system). We are not in power to change it but we have the power to choose which of these options to choose.

You may be Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or even atheist but the rule of the system works same way on anyone. You might wonder what rule I am talking about? And the rule is simple: whenever you do something wrong to the system, system punishes you. Or if you want me to say it more beautifully than I can say the world punishes you or karma.

Next question is…what is the right path and the meaning of the right path? The answer is simple: it’s the path of suppression of the ego. A way when you cease to despise and hate enemies and you find their forces to grow fond, a way when you look at the world not as on the enemy and as on the best friend … It’s like when everything you do is right and selfless. Imagine it’s the last day of you life, what would you do and how would you behave? See…J Exactly. So when everything you do you are able to compare to that feeling and it’s the same than you know you are on the right path. When you realize this than you move forward very fast and than you feel what is the true meaning of life….to be selfless and to do to others what you would wish for yourself. Whatever you send to this world you get back. It’s the system, matrix I can say. It’s like a balloon, so whenever we are sending away it is coming back to us and it’s the law of whole universe. We have to do the right things and be selfless otherwise we will be wrong elements in the system and we are out of this path. There are no other ways. This path is tough and not easy and sometimes you might cry and get depressed and wonder why I am living like this and moving forward when maybe it’s much more easier to live like most of people do and be selfish, materialistic and care only about personal benefits? Light exists only at the end of the right path and if you don’t follow it than you are out. There is simply no other way. There is just no other choice. (It’s same like with loosing weight, till the moment you burn more calories than you receive it will never happen).

You know if for example all great philosophers, gurus and prophets met they would have nothing to argue about as people who obtained the TRUTH of the world just see it in everything and they knew that it’s not about God or anybody above, it’s all about doing and feeling the right things.

You might be disappointed if I tell you there is no God who is responsible for your actions. And if you do something bad you can’t go to temple and pray for forgiveness and than expect something good happen to you. System doesn’t take “bribes”. Of cause it’s more easy to believe that there is someone up there whom you can held responsible for everything you didn’t do and all your faults you can excuse with destiny. And of cause it’s more easy to believe that you can be an asshole towards other people but than simple visit to temple will take your sins away. It’s just more convenient for people to believe in. You have to be strong enough to take full responsibilities for all your actions and not every person is strong enough to be on the right path, that’s why probably there are not so many gurus or “Gods” in history.

So what’s the main thing and the purpose of life?

Is it a career? Money? Love? Children? Self realization? No it’s not. It’s easy to achieve, to get, to accomplish but it takes a very serious courage to love others more than you love yourself. To love this world and to give you best to it. It really takes a courage to put your material interests behind and to think about people who are less fortunate, to think about what have you done for this world to be better? For people? Suppress you ego and just love people, that’s it. Sounds easy? Might be but how many people like that you actually know?

When you are giving more than you are expecting to get….this is what is the right path. When you are giving love and when you care. When you are doing the right things like it’s the last day of your life. This is only one way to feel divine light.

I always wonder how many people come to temple or church and they ask, ask and ask. And everything they do is asking. It’s so easy to believe that you just go and ask without taking any responsibilities for your own actions. But what have you done to this world or people around you? You always get what you deserve, always. This is the law of universe. You can ask one million times, you can pray, you can do many different things but it’s not how Universe works.

We come to this world for a reason: to become better human beings than we used to be and we will be keep coming here till the time we realize the universal truth and till we keep our ego aside.

It takes courage as I said before but it’s why we are here. You have to be strong enough to keep going and keep moving forward towards the right direction (even after all tough experiences that comes on the way). And it’s not going to be easy. It’s a very difficult and rough path but it’s the only one that has divine light….

Love to all
Saidah Jules