Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hi Folks
I guess a lot of settings in my blog had changed and I am not really sure how it will look now. I got a lot of offers for my personal web site but as I was saying earlier I think its not a right time as yet. I will definitely come up with my personal web site but after some time. Now at present. I also have very particular ideas about my site and it has a lot of flash and dreamwork and animations. So....not now.

I guess I did not write since my birthday...uhhh....i am a grown up girl now :-)

As always....some drama....sometimes I think my life could be converted into big TV serial with some new genre or a lot of feature films could be shot....or maybe books written.

Anyway... whats at present and at present it's film "Kaanch". Kalpana Lajmi is director and we are going on floor next month...may. At present I am busy with workshops. I think about story and what it is about actually I will write some other time. It's a new film I am working on exactly right now. I will definitely write more about it but not right now.

Saidah Jules

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