Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Jealousy...Being beautiful"

Hi folks
I just want to share with you a "simply life" of a beautiful girl (or any person i am sure).

If God made you beautiful that obviously you should be thankful to Him for this cuz if I was not beautiful than I guess nothing in my life would be the way it is. Thats true that beauty opens many doors and if you are also intelligent than it opens really many doors. People always give you priority if you look beautiful. In school, in college, in University, at work and of cause in private life every guy will be after you as well. I dont know anybody who would not like it. I think my modeling career happen cuz i look photogenic and beautiful in pictures. In acting as well, apart of acting talent looking good on screen is important. People always like to see you around and etc etc etc. Whatever I am now and whatever I have now it's only because I am beautiful person and I am thankful to God he made me that way. But let's not stress out on this. There is another side that people don't know.

Another side is ... JEALOUSY.
I know thousands of people and ask me how many are my true friends? Who is that genuine friend who is there for me for share happiness and when i am down. I can tell you one hand is more that enough to count that people. All others are acquaintance and they are jealous. And you deal with this shit every day.

Especially jealous girls, its normally very small people who tries to send you different small shit and they believe it affects you? For example you are shooting and than a girl (who works with u or from same field) come and says like "Oh wow, Saidah, you put on weight sooooooo much". But you know you are same as before. Believe me people, whenever someone is jealous they always tell you this or talk about weight or pick up all such similar topics. But when someone wants to be nice they say "Oh, Saidah, you lost so much weight". But the point is that i am always the same, 1 kg always comes and goes but its not visible normally. So always remember, if someone is a bitch she says "u put on weight" and if someone wants to pretend to be nice it will be "you lost weight".

Another part is rumors. Yes ofcuz, it cant be without them. And normally it's a bad rumors and based on sex topic as a rule. As Mumbai is a small city and showbiz in general it's gonna be like this.... whenever you are seen with a guy it means you are sleeping together. It can't be you relative, your friend, your co-star or just professional meeting...it just can't be that way. It HAS TO be that you are sleeping together. And if even you dare to have a picture together...FOR SURE it's love forever and you gonna die same day and you are secretly married. It's just be a simple picture with a friend or just with a person, it always has to be more...MUCH MORE behind it. And if you are spotted in a restaurant or coffee shop in a hotel...THATS A CRIME!!! it means you were in a room and came down to eat. Secret love affair has been disclosed.
SO....got me people?

So.....some of your "friends" will always bitch a bout you. Thats the fact....Or some of them might even ask for help and than they will just dessapear. Or some "friends" will copy you. Sometimes it's very funny to see how you female "friends" try to copy you or your ideas. But the idea is they pretend to be your friends;-)))) but they will be the first to put you down as well.

So....what next? A movie.....if by any chance you got a good work than it's be cause you slept with producer or director. It just can't be cuz of your personality, your work experience, your performance or you look. Its only cuz you slept with someone. Probably if everything was so simply that every second girl in Mumbai would be a real actress and we could see them on screen but unfortunately for them sex is not the key for success. To become somebody takes much much more than all this all together.

To all people I would say that before you speak you should always ask yourself what for you are doing it and what energy you send to the world? If to spread rumors or talk rubbish makes you really happy human being but def do it and we are ready to put our names on it but I doubt it really does. Every person has their own path, the way, their situations in life and everything. We should never judge and we should focus on our things. There is only one thing that distroys everything..its JEALOUSY.

I wish everybody not to be jealous. It's a really a horrible thing. People should be realistic and down to earth. It's very important to see the truth and not that you want to see.

Before talking bad about others just ask yourself if you are perfect? Or what would you do? I really do believe this world can be better than it is if jealousy would not be part of it.

I don't understand why everybody wants to be models in Mumbai? why? If you want to be glamourous than just be no matter what work you do. You can always dress up well and put makeup on if you are a woman. You don't need to be a model for it. In fact most of models looks very ordinary in life.

Why every guy in Mumbai think that girls are fall in love with good looking guys? let me tell you that it's about brains. It doesnt matter how many muscles you have. it's all about ur brains and intelligence and the way you are. Just be yourself and be a man. It's that simple.

Also it happens with jealous guys that.....when they like someone and can't be with that person they will always talk bad about that girl and ofcuz that they slept together, had affair and that girl is after him but he is such a hero and doesn't wanna be with her. There are almost thousands of guys in Mumbai who "was with me" but the point i don't know 99% of them. :-) Thats the point - people love to make stories when they are jealous and as a rule it has to be based on sex.

And the last thing - if you are beautiful you can't be intelligent. You can't can't be smart and educated. So if beautiful person does business as well than it is something very suspicious cuz beautiful females can't be smart. It's very hard to accept for a man that actually they can and they can compete with them. So it's a scary thing for a man to accept that a woman actually can be more powerful.

So....with all this shit I have to deal all the time........and what do I do? DON'T BOTHER.
I am happy with the way I look and the way I am. If someone doesn't like it than...."the exit door is over there". And i am not gonna sit at home just because if I go to restaurant in hotel some limited minded people will think I came down from upstairs. No way. Life is always moving on and there is life behind everything.

The main point in life and the way to be happy is to live life you have and to be the person you and to be content and enjoy your own life. Not others people, UR OWN.

And the last thing - nobody can make you a star ....that magical light comes from inside of the person. Certain people can show you but nobody can make you somebody if you are not somebody yourself.

Life your own life and be happy with what you have. Jealousy never made anybody better human being or a happy person.

Love to all
Saidah Jules


  1. agree with you.. good post..thanks

  2. Ok Saidah,that was a very very detailed write-up on JEALOUSY,quite a few of the points highlighter by u r right.However,I would suggest you to be more brief in sharing your views cos this is a real lengthy write-up n i dont know how many people wl go through it till the end,I did ofcourse but this is my suggestion n my way of looking at things...ALL THE BEST IN LIFE AND CAREER!!