Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in Mumbai

Hi folks
Hope everybody are doing fine. I have been traveling again, Europe, Germany. Was visiting my mom over there. Had a great time.
Now i am back in Mumbai and the weather is quite nice. Like this change towards sunny days. I have my last one scene to shoot for "Jal" and movie is done. Met Girish Malik recently and saw the promos and some parts of the movie. Loved it. It comes out really great and I am looking forward to see it myself. Kutch doesnt look like real Kutch :-) Whenever i work on a movie I always imagine what i would think about it if I was in the audience, would I like it? what would I think about actors and their performance? I believe that acting has to be that good that people (audience) will not even think about the actor, they will believe so much in that charakter that thought about an actor will not even rise. I do believe in it and I do my best to make my work on that level.
Have to rush..
to be continued...

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