Sunday, September 11, 2011

Funny stuff...facebook

Hi folks
Just wanted to share funny story. On my public profile on facebook I get so many sifferent messages and most of them are coming from guys. Of course its nice to read good stuff about urself and to hear different compliments but whats really funny is that they all as my number and invite me for coffee, dinners and etc. And I just wonder do they really think I just gonna write it down? Where is common cense? It's just how "strange" a person can be. Sometime a person can write me very long mail with good cense in it and than i might reply "thank you" or something of that sort and straight after than second mail comes "whats your number? lets meet?". Normally I just ignore it as simply I dont have time to teach morals or even say no. It's better to ignore and dont reply for such weirdness. I mean I do love my fans but it's acquaintance. I don't give my numbers, don't reply and just i am not part of that interactions. I just find it weird when people just write me mail and as my phone number. Do they really think that I have nothing to do like to meet different people for coffee or whatever?

So.....who ever....on facebook and anywhere. I don't give my phone numbers and don't reply for any messages that don't contain any useful information to me. We are all acquaintance on facebook and we are not real friends. As simple as that. I mean my public profile.

Apart of it life is going well. It's september now and private life is really interesting so's like a sunrise...;-)

Ok folks, im off to sleep.

By the way shoot for "Jal" is over. Promos will be in cinema since November.

Went to watch few movies recently. Pakistani film "Bol" was really good, liked it a lot. Everybody should watch it. Watched "Bodyguard" as comments.

Love to all
Saidah Jules

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