Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kala Ghoda art festival 2011

Hi folks
Yesterday I was performing at Kala Ghoda Art Festival. it was truly magical experience. It was my debut in India. I had a play "Test or a suicide" with Gary Richardson and Pranav. I think it's very interesting what Mad Horses troupe does (Gary Richardson and Alyque Padamsee). We really had amazing performance and for my debut I did quite well. I really gave my best and audience loved it. Applauses were the best part of the show. In few days I will upload a link with video. It was a pleasure to work with Gary, Alyque and my co actor Pranav. I think we did a good performance. But it was lots of work before with rehearsals. I believe its what it takes to be professional. I believe in lots of work and rehearsals before you show something to people. Now looking forward to my next ones.

Today I went to Kala Ghoda art street and was amazed how many beautiful paintings and art pieces people can find there. I also bought some impressive stuff.

Thank you everybody for comments on facebook

At present I am working on my next movie "Jal".

Love to all

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  1. eagerly waiting for the video :), I m glad that u performed well on your debut..