Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hira Manek Awards

Hi folks
I had really nice day yesterday. First of all I finally received my visiting cards from USA, they were coming from New York. Exactly like I wanted, I did design myself and it was very exclusive quality and the way they were made up. Unfortunately I can't put up a picture as it contains my personal details.
Yesterday I have received an award for outstanding contribution towards acting from Hira Manek organization. It was fun. It's such a great energy when you stand on stage in front of huge audience and feel all their love and support. Love this feeling. And especially when kids come to me :-) I always make sure that I talk to them and click pictures with all kids who wants it. No matter if I am in a rush or not but for kids I always do my best and I always will. The are amazing. They inspire me to do more and more. I am working on my book at present and I will make sure it will come out in hindi language as well and will be promoted in a big way as well. There so soooo much I want to give. After award we went for dinner, chinese. What I love about chinese dinner is fortune cookies what comes after. Somehow it always works. LOL. I can't say I believe in all this but fortune cookies are fun. Yesterday I have got "Peace is around the corner". It's very true if to talk about my personal life. LOL. I hope that peaceful corner is ready for a peace. :-)
On friday 11th I have my debut on stage in India. Working on it. It has to be perfect. No compromise!!! It's a short play but I don't have time to do bigger one unfortunately. Theatre is my love and passion what will always be in me. Stage.....i really miss it sometimes. I used to work a lot on stage but it was somewhere in another life :-) It's such amazing feeling when you send your energy to other people and you can send them what they want as it always reaction. It's like acting. Good acting is when you react on your partner. You don't need to know what you have to say, you have to react naturally on your partner and he/she does the same and than it works. It's real life process. If you still call it acting than its not perfect. It's perfect when people don't know you act, when they believe it's real and think that it's real you. Otherwise to learn the lines and give certain expressions every person can. Perfect acting is when even you forget that you act. When you honestly believe in that character and feel the same way. When there is no more "Saidah Jules" and it's somebody else. This is what I call perfection. The person has to experience everything in life to know what it is about. Stanislavsky did it the best and thats why whole world follows him.

I am doing new tattoo. It will be the most special tattoo from all of them I have. I want to do it in next few days. It's gonna be one phrase writen in secret Hebrew language. And it will be on my palm. It's the most special meaning of my life.

I am so thankful to all amazing people I meet in life and who makes a difference. Thank you.
Love to all
Hare Krishna
Saidah Jules

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