Saturday, April 3, 2010

So far So good

Hi folks

I am just totally out of writing n our of updating. Just so many things it were lately. I have been traveling......Germany, Dubai. Just Dubai was the most exciting n awesome. Amazing shopping n fially I met my best friend Julia over there. We went out for lunch and dinner, she is truly amazing person. Germany was nice as well, its always great to meet mom.

I am kind of tired in Mumbai, with everything you cant relay on, with most of people you cant relay on, when u never can plan anything. But right now lots of good htings are happening, just waiting for finalising and signing.

I had also sad news about 'Right ya wrong", Neeraj Pathak comletely cut my role and did not even had guts to inform me about it. I felt sad about it since Neeraj Pathak always had lots of respect from me but after "Right ya wrong" he really dissapointed me. I expected that he would tell me about it.

Met Andrew Symonds recently and IPL after party was really fun. He is really cool person.

Unfortunately due to time limits have to end up now in a ruch

Keep rocking


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