Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Happy birthday, Krishna"

Hi folks
Rain season is still on in Mumbai. I just don't know how to start my blog today.
First of all "Dear Krishna, happy birthday". I guess everybody who knows me know that I am devotee of Krishna and whatever I do is dedicated to Him. It's a big festival today in India. So ..."Hare Krishna". I already mentioned about it on my twitter and facebook. Of cause God doesn't have a birthday 'cuz he is eternal. He never was born and he will never die. He is Divine Energy what always was. No matter how you call him he is eternal. I call him Krishna but my Krishna always was and will always be. It's Divine Energy, Light. India is a country of traditions and of cause there are lots of festivals and holidays. Maybe in ancient times they were invented 'cuz life was boring. I would say I also kind of follow them but wisely. I don't fast for a day or two 'cuz I believe in either doing something or not. U either vegetarian or u r not, you cant be vegetarian for 1-2 days and think that you follow ur religion or something. I believe in a lifestyle, when you follow something you follow it always, when u love you are dedicated to it. I don't believe that not doing or doing something in one particular day has a meaning. Cuz it simply doesn't. Life is much more simple and it totally depends on us. Somehow most of people believe that they can do shit in life, treat other people badly, lie and cheat and than they will fast for a few days and all their sins had gone. It's so pathetic. People, wake up! It's all about what people we are ALWAYS, not we pretend to follow for few days. I believe in karma. There is no point of asking God about something or to eat and not to eat certain food. It's all about what you do on daily basis, what person u r, what human being. I am hindu by my religion and I grown up in hinduism and on Bhagavad Gita and Vedas. It's always important to follow ur heart, only heart. We come to this world for our personal growth and for our own learning and expirience, this life belongs only to us. I don't think by being vegetarian and non vegetarian changes you as a person or by drinking alcohol it makes you less religious. Personally I dont drink alcohol but it doesn't make me more religious. Or either I eat veg or non veg, its just body requirements. I don't go to temple every sunday with sweets cuz I don't feel I need to do it. God is inside of me, he is around, he is in air I breathe and he is everywhere, he is light, he is sun and you just can feel him around you. I feel him in every good thing I do what I can be proud of, I feel him in right doings and in something what I follow every day. He is in my actions on daily basis. If I can be a change in somebody's life, if i can make it better for somebody.... thats something what you can be proud about and it's something what makes you better person than you are. it doesn't matter to others how many times you go to temple or how many God's idols you have at home and how many times you pray. Only one thing's what you DO. Actions is the key for everything.....always....every day. Basically the bottom line is that I just want people to be better than they are and not be religious and spiritual at home or in temple only. I want them to learn how to give it away to others and how to share it with people outside. Just by being a little bit better the world can change a lot. I wish to celebrate Krishna's "birthday" every day cuz God is eternal and he never was born. (I told about religion not about mythology and hindu legends). But still since whole nation is celebration it today it will be the best end for my blog today. "Happy birthday, Lord Krishna".
Love to all always
Saidah Jules

P.S. I put this picture of baby Krishna cuz it's my favorite one, this picture in fact was the first picture of Krishna I saw in my life by being a child myself.

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