Sunday, October 10, 2010

London so far...musicals

Hi folks
Sitting in Starbucks with caramel latte and thinking "life is beautiful". LOL. I was lucky with the weather so far. London is very interesting and happening. Recently I went for 2 musicals, "Les Miserables" and "The phantom of the opera". What i can say? just no words.....both of them (especially "Phantom of the opera") left me speechless cuz it was soooooo mind blowing. Probably I admire musicals the most as I never could take part in them myself and would never do:-) as i am not a stage singer but it's so amazing to see others to do it. I was really happy to watch "Phantom of the opera" finally. Since my childhood I have been reading this story and it's just incredible. I would love to see "Cats" or "Chicago" in Broadway as well or "Wicked". I think my first destination in USA will be Broadway. It's just such a mysterious and magical atmosphere when you come to the theatre and everything is so beautiful and "englishly posh" (in London). So far I like her majesty theatre the most. Just so warm and homely. Before I leave I wanna watch ballet as well. To be in London and not to watch BALLET is a CRIME!!! :-) Thanx to my amazing friend who shared my passion for theatre and visited musicals with me. For me its what London is, plays, musicals, art, Mayfair and fashion :-) I dont have much time at the moment so I guess I should stop praising art of London and carry on with this sunny sunday. LOL.

Being so far from India it made me realize a lot i guess. It made me to understand very clearly what exactly I want to do in India. First of all and number one for me it's to do something for kids in orphanages as I wrote earlier about it. I know many people who offered me support in it and so many people wrote me. Thank you every one. I just hope that all my documents in India will get sorted and than I can proceed with this. Documents are very important and it's number one for everything. But I really want to do and I will, at least i will try my best.

In a professional career everything is going good in India as well but right now I dont think about it as it's so normal and daily things. It's not something to me that makes me "jump to the clouds". LOL. it's just something I live in all the time. I love it and it's my world. But soon I will have some interesting news. I am also looking forward to see music video what we shot with Aadesh Shrivastava.

Yesterday I went for a fashion show in London. It was cool. It was fashion show of India and Pakistan. I cant say fashion show was interesting but whole event was good, I met interesting people and I loved media in London. I love Mumbai media as well in fact.

I do miss certain people in Mumbai...and the weather. But in a same time we should live in a moment and life is exactly right now. So i wish everyone a nice day.
Lots of love from London
Saidah Jules

P.S. still the best coffee is in Starbucks:-)

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