Saturday, December 4, 2010

Goa Film Festival '10

hi folks
It became my habit to start with "it's been awhile" LOL. have been quite awhile since my last one.....

So....Goa Film festival was amazing. I just felt great and loved it.

At the end of November I was in Goa for Film bazaar 2010. My next movie "Jal" was presented over there. We are going to shoot next year. Girish Malik is a total genius. Love working with him. He is someone in indian film industry who really impressed me with his way of creating a story and creative process. Also he was the one who didn't flirt with me. LOL. Don't get me wrong. there is nothing wrong in flirting but when everybody flirt around and than you meet a person who doesn't it looks different. It feels different and it also inspires you for soemthing different. Respect!!! It was nice to meet Ayushmann Khurana and somehow we spent quite a lot of time by talking and discussing different interesting topics. I don't really feel like writing at present all my experience but in few words can say that now I know what sufi music is. It was a cocktail party "Sufi music". I was thinking about my best friend in UK who is following sufism. Also I had quite long conversation with Vivek Agnihotri and found him to be very deep and interesting human being. Also I met many more people but I can't write about everyone. Fatih Akin....After all our night life experience and casino we went to watch 'Soul kitchen" by Fatih Akin. He is famous german movie director (but basically he is turkish). Me and Girish had a nap....LOL. Movie was nice but it was not that healthy to go to sleep at 5 a.m. and get up by 9 a.m. :-) In the evening I met Fatih in person and he is pretty cool. He has such casual style no matter where he goes. I think it's something totally opposite of Bollywood but in Europe it means creativity I guess. Probably I was blessed to meet all intelligent people in Goa this time. On a serious note, whoever happened to talk to me was intelligent and it was very nice and productive conversation indeed. Totally loved it !!! TOTALLY!!!

My birthday is coming soon and there are no plans at all. I don't want to make media party or invite guests. I just want something nice and quite. Something very private and personal. Something beautiful. For new year no plans as well. I was thinking of going to Las Vegas and New York but all this plans got totally fucked. Sorry for my language but there is no other word I can express what I mean. In fact I don't think it's something wrong actually to say like that. If it really got fucked how else I can say? whatever......

I am extremely tired of people who talk much much much more than they do. I am tired of stupid lies what my logical mind can't explain. I want to put all my energy into creative process and work. Now it's holidays time so I will have to wait for a bit probably.....

Also I discovered how amazing tweeter is. It can just connect people from completely different countries and in a very weird way. World is so small in fact and life is so unpredictable. Sometimes I think "Alice in Wonderland" was about me :-)

I went to watch Narnia in 3D. I don't think it's actually a difference if you watch Narnia in 3D or not 3D but movie was amazing. I love all such fairy tales and adventures. I would love to act some kind of fairy one day.... Amazing film....but all that impolite crowd what was siting next to me eating popcorn and using mobile phones kind of spoiled my happy mood.

For today I feel like going and chilling out by the sea.

Could write more but i should go........

Love to all
Saidah Jules

P.S. Facebook should join tweeter.

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