Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To make a change

...There are so many people in the world and everybody has a reason to live, to be here. But in general there are two ways.....there are people who just lives and there are people who can and who makes a change in this world, who makes this world better. Most of people wants money, fame and etc etc etc, of cause it's all important things like everybody needs house, car, money and all material things 'cuz we live in material world actually. But when you already have it all, when you already have money and everything, what's than? Will you be happy? Of cause not 'cuz happyness is something what you have inside and what can be born inside of heart or soul only. Money is comfort and satisfaction, but its not feelings inside. No matter what person does, how much money he has and how famous he is, absolutely all people in the world have same feelings and same heart. Absolutely everybody are same and different in same (sorry) time. The difference is what energy you are giving to others and what your intentions are and feelings. Everybody can see sea and go for a walk on the beach, but feelings will be different and it depends only on your innerworld and heart. It's only one difference what people have actually.

I don't want just to live and enjoy life in a wrong meaning of it. You can enjoy life when your heart, soul and brains are in total harmony with each other and when whole innerworld are in peace and harmony. That's one kind of happiness and it's life when you can feel it and your heart, soul and brains "thinking" and "feeling" in same direction. I don't want just to live and think about my life and not to bother about other. I live in society and I live in this world and I am part of it, I want to make a change, I want people to respect me for what I do and I want to be proud of all my doings. I want to be a good human being and I belive that I am. I want to make this world better and I want people to see more happiness around that they see. I wish this to all people in the world.

To be a good person is the most important and beautiful thing. It's not just about good actions or to give money to poor people. It's not about that. It's when you know inside of you that whatever you do is right and you feel for it, when you heart lives in harmony with brains and you don't have to worry about anything 'cuz you know that you are doing right, when you can make a change in somebody's life, when you simple can make other person smile, when you can see tears of happiness. When you can feel light inside of you and when you can give it to others. It really doesnt matter how many times people go to temple. God is not in temple, he is everywhere, he is in every breath, he is in every peace of the world. He will never count how many times people go to temple. it's even so ridicules for me to meet such people, who actually really bad people in life and who treats others badly and without respect but they do pooja and think that everything is finesince they did it. It's so show off and ridicules. Why God will care about pooja (pray)? I really feel like telling to them that they should actually cut down with all poojas and concentrate more on the world around them and I say it. God is not selfish and he is not an icon, he doesn't need love only for himself, he wants people to love the world and be good to others. It what matters I think.

Sometimes when I go to village or small town in India and spend time with people over there and talk to them, i really can see happiness in their eyes, especially children. And ofcause life is quite poor over there. Happiness is only about feelings and innerworld that we create inside us. It's about beauty of the world what is always here but we don't see it always because we don't want to see it or pretend to be busy.

I wish everybody to be a better human beings that they are and to make a change even in one person's life.

I dont want tomorrow to be better than today, I want today to be as best and beautiful as tomorrow.

Love and harmony to all,


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