Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Most beautiful thing


Few days back i had very interesting and spiritual conversation with one of my friends, he gave me such ideas what actually never came to my mind before. What is the most interesting thing in this world? For this question can be so many answers but if you really focus your mind on it than u will find only one. It's life. The most beautiful thing in this world is life itself. And it's so beautiful and amazing to watch it grow and how everything is born. Sun rises every morning and whole city life stars with it. Plants grow and flowers bloom. But the most interesting creation is a humanbeing. A child. It's just so unbelivable. Mixture of "man and woman", actually just 2 small little things "get together" and than something happens, its just so tiny that we cant even see it...........and it grows and grows.........and than it's a baby, child and it grows and grows and than its big person actually. It's really unbeliveble how nature created certain things. It's so magical and so weird in same time that from "nothing" actually whole person comes out. And even they look different. All babies look same like clones and than they are changing and changing and changing and growing like a plant with a flowers. I don't understand how it works but i find it interesting. If you put a small plant in a ground than whole palm tree can grow, like from nothing. Why nature deceided exactly like this? It's weird in one way and in another way it's like a message to the world, like a reminder about beauty what we can't explain...

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