Thursday, June 4, 2009

Man and Woman. part 1

I was thinking about relationship between man and woman. And I understood it's very complicated and there is nothing concrete and in one way. It's like a river what can have many directions.
Geisha is a perfect defenition of a woman. Woman is a harmony, smile, peace, entertaintment, tenderness, happiness, colors and like blooming sakura tree. Woman is like a rose with sakura flowers. Woman is beautiful and I am happy to be one of this kind :-)

When I think about man than actually nothing really comes to my mind. For now. Probably in "part 2" it will. I think man is like a 'water" for a rose. Any plant needs water to bloom, so it's proI was thinking about relationship between a man and a woman....I understood it's complicated and I can't think only in one direction. I read couple of articles and all of them are so different. When i personally think about a woman I always "see" image of geisha in my mind. Geisha is an amazing creature, so fragile and feminine, so misterious and tender. According to me japanese geisha bably similar kind of relationship.

Sometimes i really think and question myself how interesting life can be and people especially. Mans are so different, they can be smart, inteligent, funny, redicilues, interesting, inspiring and just..........just man. Sometimes woman can meet a man who will "fall in love" very fast and will be telling her stories about feelings, about how much he can do and etc etc etc but.....but when ( based on everything he said ) she will simple ask something very small, than most probably he will say "no" and that he cant and bla bla bla. It's always very interesting to me how much people can talk and how little they can do. But everything is not so bad in life:-) There are also mans that sometimes you really think something and he is doing it before you even say or makes such surprises that you have not even thought of. It's also very interesting to me how different mans can be. And what i realize in life it doesn't depends on feelings and how much he loves, it is something's carakter of a person. At times I even thought it might be related to goroscope. I am not believer, but one of my best friend....she really does believe in it. And i trust her at times.

I think I would say it in a such a way that relationships between man and woman are similar to relationships between rose and gardener. It might sound ridicules in certain way but it looks similar to me. Sometimes a person really takes care of plants, and pour water at times and always think about sunlight and etc, and sometimes person remember about water only when rose is dry and dead.
Right now i dont really have time and have to proceed with my busy shedule
Just woman is like japanese geisha....................misterious and elegant.
I am happy to be a woman
Love to all

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