Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The way it makes me feel

"Have u ever had such feeling when u can say "on top of the world"....you know this feeling that makes u feel totally complete...united with the entire world, universe, god. Something so big and divine. It's a feeling when you understand that you are alone but in a same time u r a part of something big and permanent. It's something bigger than love, something that means FOREVER and belongs to universe. And you feel as a part of it. You feel light inside of you and you feel you can share it with everyone, you do it and it gives you some much. It's what movies make me feel, what art makes me feel... I just stand over there under the lights and with camera on me and i know this is life. It's something magical that you create and give to the camera. I am not just there, I give part of me to every second of it, I create somebody else who is not me but in same time she looks like me and has my voice. It's like another life, something else. It's like in one life you have so many others and they all look like you. It's magical. It's something you have done. It makes you heart jump and respect yourself more because you worth it, because you can do it and because you wanted it and you did it. You just stand over there with projectors on you an it's not a dream its the reality that you truly love..." Saidah Jules

At present I am shooting for my upcoming film "On the ramp". Our second schedule. With Ranvir Shorey. Shooting in Mumbai and leaving for London as well. 

Than some more news to come...;-)
Love to all
Saidah Jules

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