Monday, August 10, 2009

Many Lives, Many Masters

Hi folks

It's have been a while I was absent. I did not write for a long. I think whole last month I was lost "somewhere". And before as well. Many things had been happening and I believe they are still happening. Lots of things have been descovered and archieved....mentally and phisically.

First of all my shoot for "Pyar Imposible" ( hindi Bollywood film) was fun, it was really cool expirience. This film will be released in november this year. And in october I have release of 'Right ya wrong" with Sunny Deol and etc. It was nice to shoot with Priyanka Chopra, Uday Chopra and Dino Morea. Really cool guys. Had really nice time together. Than I had been shooting in Delhi and had absolutely no time to check even my gmail. But I think it was wrong, I believe in our century people always should be able to stay "online and connected" especially now its very available on any electronical device.

It was also heavy raining in Mumbai. At the end of july my friend Angela came over to Mumbai for a while. I was very busy with her and with certain issues. Actually this time was quite hard and lots of depressions were going on and some missunderstanding, stress and etc etc etc. Everything bad what can happen I guess. It's always very hard to loose people whom u love and care about......We also have been traveling for a while....but unfortunately I have sad memories and feelings about it. Sometimes when u let person come to ur heart it can hurt a lot.... Now i have a sister as I bought rakhi for Angela :-) But as well good things happens. Suddently my good friend rockstar Vivek came back in Mumbai from holidays. I was very glad to meet him after a long time, I can always feel lots of positive energy from him and we always have kind of spiritual conversations. I respect him for that.

But also with all this what have made me so busy last two month there is something one, very very special. I have an angel in my life. And I'm very happy that God made him come to this world and be part of my life......always and forever. I always thankfull to God for this gift and blessing. So......Angel gifted me a book " Many lives, Many masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss. It's amazing book. I just completed reading it. It's a book about reincarnation and the point of life, about relations and etc. It's really amazing book, it gave me so much of knowledge, i really discovered quite a lot. I have always believed in reincartions and that sometimes we meet people in our present life whom we already knew from previous and etc. Our soul is eternal and it keeps travel in keeps to learn, to grow, to improve and be better. I believe in karma, to be good person and do good things. Actually it doesnt matter where u reach in life and etc, all what matters are ur feelings and what energy u have in u. I never get angry at people, in fact I love people a lot. Recently i heard amazingly wise statement "How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” I liked this statement a lot. I think we always should be focused on being good and doing good, reacting good and what also matters a lot - having good thoughts and good intentions. In buddhism there is a lot about it. Whatever u say u have to mean it and thinking has to be positive. I always try to be better than I am and create positive energy around me. At the moment I have too many philosophical thoughts and it's kind of mess. I really have been missing writing due to my busy days. Just this book "Many lives, many masters" inspired me a lot and gave me answers for certain questions I had in my head.

Sometimes we meet people who give us wisdom, who makes us better than we are or who show us the right path. We can call them gurus or masters..........I have one life now.......maybe its the last one. But i met people who made a big impact on my life, who showed me right things in life and who helped me to become a person I am today and I also have such people now in my life, who can always give u right advice in right time and who can help u when u need........I am very thankfull to Angel in my life who gifted me this book. Thanx to him and all my blessings.

Soon I plan to go for holidays in Europe and visit my family. It's have been a while.........

Love to all

God bless


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