Friday, November 20, 2009

These days.....Everything is changing

Hi folks
So many things have happened and still are happening that i dont have any time to write and dont have inspiration for it as well.
I busy with shootings and all that stuff but the most interesting thing is that I am looking forward for december especially for my birthday:-)))

Life has been good so far. Recently I went to Bangalore, what a nice city. Amazing restaraunt "Shiro", i had sushi overdose. LOL. Really good trip I had. I love to travel within India, discover new cities and culturies. I guess now I will be visiting Bangalore quite often if I will continue working with them ofcause.
I joined gym as well. I hate it but I think if u live in India u really need tot ake care of good and healthy life style since simply u cant walk anywhere in Mumbai, ofcuz if u live in Marina Drive that probably all cool, but otherwise cardio in gym is a must. 3 times per week, not more. Healthy life style is the most important thing.

2 of my films will be released in january, looking forward for it, especially for one of them:-)))) ;-)

Recently i went to watch film "2012", crap. I did not like. Same stuff like "The happening" and 'Day after tomm", but computer graphic was great, ofcuz with all computer technologies u can get really awesome stuff. And by the way I want to tell to all of u that end of the world is not gonna happen in 2012 or somewhere around, so live happy and be sure your kids and grandkids will live happily as well.
Apart of everything................everything is changing in life. It always transformes into something new maybe. It might be for good or for bad, but its always in process......... it changes and its in our hands what way it goes. I believe that person himself makes choices and follow them and only we are responsible for our destiny and for everything else, for what we have and we dont. Anyway I dont feel like to write about it now. There is something the most magical in the world - its butterfly. Butterflies are magical cuz being same it transforms few times, it changes but its still same. Its ugly caterpillar and than it becomes a butterfly. What a mustery it is, isnt it? Caterpillar doesnt becomes a butterfly and in same time butterfly is not caterpillar anymore.
I am reading a book "The monk who sold his Ferrari". Quite interesting. Can suggest to everybody. Maybe one day I will just pack up and will go somewhere deeply in Himaliyas.........U never know what will happen tomm :-)
Everything is changing.......and when I got up today's morning I realised that everything is not like it was before......
Love to all
Hare Krishna

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